We’ve seen a lot of arrests, including the secretary of the Political and Legal AffairsCommission of Heilongjiang Province, the secretary of the Political and Legal AffairsCommission of Henan Province, the vice governor of Liaoning Province, the deputy Mayor of Dalian. The special task force arresting all these people have a particularly good relationship with Bruno Wu,

and all of whom are Sun Lijun’s subordinates.

I believe all of them had sexual relationship with Yang Lan

Why these days I always mentions Yang Lan and Bruno Wu?

Because we have to start gradually to peel off (their spy organization) layer by layer

 (Bruno Wu is the boss of many spy activities,) including providing information to

anti-Whistleblower Movement Team, doing harm (to us and the free world),

the arrests of our fellow fighters in China, co-working with Lihong Wei Lafrenz(aka Sara)

and her son Xiuzhu Wei, and many other spies who are still penetrating our fellow fighters’ communities

 In Europe, in Asia, in the United States, spies and their co-workers and their lawyers, and the medias, including Meng Weican(aka Wei Shi), XiongXianmin, and other fake pro-democracy activists, about 80% of their funds and attorney’s fee for their activities are paid by Bruno Wu.

The most senior lawyer in the lawsuit of the Pacific Alliance Asia Opportunity Fund is a former FBI official.

And the judge in the lawsuit didn’t want to hear my word before he ruled in favour of Pacific Alliance. Does it sound reasonable?

Edward Moss knows the relationship between the judge and Bruno Wu, doesn’t he?

But in the end, these things will be uncovered, just like George Higginbotham of DOJ,

Jho Low, Elliott Broidy and Stephen Alan Wynn. The money behind all these people

comes from Bruno Wu, Jack Ma, Alvin Jiang, Sun Lijun and Meng Jianzhu.

And all these people are related to Bruno Wu and Yang Lan. 

Bruno Wu is a U.S. citizen. Yang Lan does not only sleep with Chinese officials,

but also sleeps with many U.S. officials

 If you don’t investigate Bruno Wu and Yang Lan clearly, you will not understand the fact that the West world has beeninfiltrated by CCP ‘s BGY strategy

U.S. Department of Justice has reindicted Jho Low, which is a very significant matter.

And Bruno Wu has personally told me that

he has the black materials of hundreds of judges in the United States.

Whistleblower Movement is to reveal the truth to take down CCP.

Yesterday one of the major shareholders of China Minsheng Bank escaped from China

and contacted me. He wants to reveal the truth with me.

I believe many people related to China Minsheng Bank will come out for revelations,

which also relate to Bruno Wu and Yang Lan

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