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Miles Guo’s live broadcasting on June 20

At 10:30 a.m. on June 20, Mr. Miles Guo issued a warning to his friends in Europe, the United States and around the world who support the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China! Guo said, “I do not make any personal guarantees or commitments for this! It is only for your reference.”

The Whistleblower Movement is committed to “only the truth” and has repeatedly conveyed the truth about the evil deeds of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to the West. We stand for a peaceful future and mutual respect between the West and the Chinese, and for the peace and security of the world’s humanity, free from the threat of any evil forces. The Whistleblower Movement has always insisted on communicating the truth about the CCP to the West and informing the West of the truth about the threat of the CCP to the Chinese people and to the world! This includes the tremendous expansion of HNA, which had two thousand times growing a day and trillions of dollars increase in its assets, the truth about the death of Wang Jian, the former CEO of HNA, the corruption of Wang Qishan, the Vice President of the CCP and the real controlling person behind HNA, and the fact that Bohai Financial Holdings has plundered the economy and all aspects of Communist China, and even the presidential election of Terry Gou in Taiwan, which has been manipulated by the CCP, proving time and again that the Whistleblower Movement adheres to “only the truth”!

The Whistleblower Movement also showed the world the brutality that the Chinese Communist Party exerts on Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement in Hong Kong, the Chinese Communist Liberation Army’s suppression of the unarmed people in Hong Kong by posing as local police officers, and the Whistleblower Movement’s full support for the peaceful protests of a large number of Hong Kong students in the process, effectively helping the protesters in Hong Kong.

Whistleblower Movement’s 2019 Warning to the West Came True, Unfortunately

In 2019, the Whistleblower Movement announced to the West about the possibility of the Chinese Communist Party using biological and chemical weapons to attack Hong Kong and the West. Such warnings were issued in May, July, and October of 2019, when tear gas weapons were later found to contain large amounts of chemicals used in chemical weapons. The Whistleblower Movement already warned the West during the Rule of Law Foundation’s live broadcast on January 25, 2020 that the CCP’s claim that the Wuhan virus was not infectious to humans and was thus controllable and preventable is false and fraudulent. It has been proven to the applicable governments that it is a biological weapon! Later Mr. Miles Guo, together with Mr. Steve Bannon, announced to the world that the Wuhan virus came from a laboratory! It was very unfortunate! At that time, only President Donald Trump of the United States issued a travel restriction against Chinese travelers. Although the US was affected, it did not lead to a huge disaster! Many other countries that did not take the warning seriously suffered great loss of life and property!

Mr. Miles Guo Tells the World that the Chinese Communist Party is an Illegal Organization and Cannot Represent the Chinese People!

The Whistleblower Movement has been suppressed, demonized, and politicized by the Chinese Communist Party as well as the technology oligarchy to prevent us from spreading the truth to the Western world about the CCP’s production of biochemical weapons and the inhumane treatment of the people of Hong Kong. The New Federal State of China and the Whistleblower Movement have always insisted on presenting the truth to the West and building peaceful relations between the Chinese People and the West. Mr. Miles Guo solemnly advises the world that the Chinese Communist Party is not the same as the Chinese people, that the Communist Party does not represent the Chinese people, and that the Chinese people are the worst victims of all the Communist Party’s actions.

The Key to the Recognition and Conviction of Chinese Communist Party’s Genocide is the New Federal State of China and the Whistleblower Movement

Since 2017, the Whistleblower Movement was the first to inform the U.S. and the Western world about the CCP’s Xinjiang Massacre and the genocide in the Xinjiang concentration camps. Many police officers and fellow fighters within the CCP have risked their lives to spread the truth about Xinjiang’s ethnic minorities. We have provided truthful information to the applicable authorities. We believe that President Trump made the right decision about Xinjiang and that the CCP is responsible for the Xinjiang Massacre and its crimes against humanity. The key to recognition and conviction of the CCP’s genocide in Xinjiang is the New Federal State of China and Whistleblower Movement. We are honored to have this recognition from the West. We have always insisted on the truth, on real data, on our own personal experiences, and on the fact that the CCP does not care about the security of human beings around the world in order to achieve its goal of global control.

On June 20, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo, as One of the Chinese people, Once Again Warns the World

Mr. Miles Guo issued a very heavy warning on June 20, 2021 and reiterated that the Chinese Communist Party does not represent the Chinese people, that the Communist Party of China is an illegal organization, that the Communist Party is responsible for the Xinjiang Massacre, crimes against humanity, the breaking of the Sino-British Joint Declaration between Britain and China on Hong Kong, the mass killing of Hong Kong students, the threats and attempts to start a war against Taiwan, and the breaking of international treaties on the South China Sea, and the massive harm it did to the Tibetans and our compatriots in China. Mr. Miles Guo once again reiterates that it is the Chinese people, with their true Chinese history and civilization, who are speaking out to the West: “We are the same humanity. We are never enemies of the West, and the Chinese people have never invaded and will never invade any territory of the West. My announcement today is on behalf of the peaceful Chinese people. Only less than 200 families of the Chinese Communist Party are responsible for the economic monopoly of the CCP, and they plot on Western countries and they attempt to seize Western resources, and they are the culprits who released the viruses.”

Mr. Miles Guo Reveals that the Chinese Communist Party is Ready to Wage War in the Summer and Fall with Biological and Chemical Weapons. The Whistleblower Movement has received Accurate and Reliable Information:

1. The Chinese Communist Party will have no qualms about using and using up all their biological and chemical weapons!

In the summer and fall of this year, the Chinese Communist Party is going to release coronavirus again in the United States and Europe in the West, and it will be more dangerous and deadly this time. The Whistleblower Movement has accurate and reliable information that the CCP knows very well that after the G7 meeting in the West, hundreds of millions of infected people around the world will demand the truth about the virus from the CCP. The CCP knows very well that political bribes and threats are no longer effective. They have only two choices. When the West comes close to the truth about the virus, the CCP will invade Taiwan. Now they have made a series of military and political preparations. The CCP’s internal meeting unequivocally decided that if the Western countries impose massive economic sanctions or even threaten with war, the Communist Party would use and use up all their biochemical weapons. In the words of the CCP’s the topest leader, “Since the virus was designed for Americans and the Caucasians, we should send the viruses to the United States. We have used it very successfully in India, and we should be more successful in the United States and Europe. We should use it without fear. We should use it so that the enemy is scared, so that the enemy is terrified!” Such decisions have been made by the CCP in the past. I hope that all the elites in the West, when they see this message, will take precautions and make preparations.

2. Wage war and invade Taiwan

The highest level of the Chinese Communist Party also decided that when the world is concerned about the truth of the virus and CCP is unable to solve it, they will start war and invade Taiwan. This will make the world focus its attention on Taiwan and not be able to make it responsible for the virus. It will put China and the Western world into a state of war. The CCP will then take advantage of the war state international relations and achieve its goals via political and economic bargains. The war will be used to divert attention and cover up the truth that the CCP had created the virus.

3. To locate and track the nationals of G7 and EU in Hong Kong and China, in order to kidnap the nationals of those countries and prepare for war

The Chinese Communist Party is now making preparations. In the past four weeks, the CCP has used thousands of people to conduct a survey of 300,000 Americans/foreign nationals living in Hong Kong and more than 220,000 Americans in China, and all their computers, cell phones, and contact information have been tracked for the CCP’s national security purposes.  It has been verifying information about American nationals in Hong Kong, as well as citizens of the EU, Japan, and G7 countries. The CCP has been registering and tracking the citizens of any country that wants the truth about the virus from the CCP, as well as those who will participate in the war with Taiwan, thus entering a state of quasi-war.

4. The Chinese Communist Party has been hoarding a large quantity of food, war supplies and foreign currency.

The Chinese Communist Party has been hoarding large amounts of food and war supplies, as well as foreign currency, including strategic supplies in Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. In addition, strategic weapons are being deployed in sensitive locations, especially long-range and medium-range missile systems.

5 Suicide Warfare

The Chinese Communist Party is preparing for a suicide war with the U.S. and Japanese militaries even at a casualty ratio of 1,000 to 1 with its navy forces, and its military deployment in the sky and satellite warfare is ready.

6. The Chinese Communist Party is committing crimes against humanity, using colorless and odorless chemical weapons that can be easily released.

The Chinese Communist Party has not only biochemical weapons, but also advanced chemical weapons. The CCP can use colorless and odorless chemical weapons that can be easily released, a technology that comes mostly from the United States, which is dangerous to the world. The CCP have planned chemical weapons attacks on all water sources, power facilities, and vital natural wind control areas in the Western G7 countries.

Anyone who is still wishful about the Chinese Communist Party will suffer the consequences.

I hope all governments will take it seriously about the fact that the Chinese Communist Party believes only in violence and force! It only believes in deceptions! The Western world has given the CCP an opportunity for 70 years, or almost 100 years, hoping to bring freedom and rule of law to its people. Sino-Britain relations, WTO, China-Europe trade and technology relations have given the answer in the last approximately a hundred years. Westerners who still have any wishful thinking about the Communist Party will pay the price! Any wishful expectations about the CCP will cause irreparable damage and great crimes!

The New Federal State of China and the Whistleblower Movement will never compromise under any circumstances and will never be afraid! We will stand with Western civilization until the Chinese Communist Party is taken down!

The above is the warning from Mr. Miles Guo to the West! We hope it will not be like the press conference in Washington, D.C. in October 2017, when Mr. Miles Guo’s words were considered a joke and it took four years to show the ignorance of those who did not believe him. “Don’t trust me but go verify.” Mr. Miles Guo said in a serious tone.

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