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During his live broadcast on June 20, Mr. Miles Guo completely revealed the true identities of Bruno Wu and Yang Lan. Yang was trained by the Ministry of State Security (MSS) in the late 1990s; Wu is a spy trained by the CCP since childhood and sent overseas. The couple is the archetype of honey traps trained by the Chinese Communist Party.

Let’s talk about Bruno Wu first. He was sent to study in the US since childhood. After he grew up into adulthood, he obtained the green card after marrying a white woman. He defrauded overseas Chinese by selling deceptive insurance packages, who has been entangled in several civil lawsuits accordingly, and even fabricated the story that his grandfather saved tens of thousands of Jews (during WWII). Bruno Wu is a close friend of most MSS officials and Sun Lijun, then Deputy Minister of MSS. From joining Asia Television and Phoenix Satellite TV to founding Sun TV, to establishing a state-of-the-art blockchain company in the US, Wu was a capable spy. He was able to approach the White House and contact many of the celebrities in the American political and business world, such as Stephen Bannon, Elliott Broidy, Steve Wynn, and etc. Wu barely escaped from life and death situations more than a dozen times and was able to get away safely in the end—this shows that Wu is by no means an ordinary person.

Similarly, Yang Lan is by no means an ordinary person, either. Yang reportedly graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University, joined the CCTV by chance, and was lucky enough to be the hostess of the popular “Zhengda Variety Show” at the time. Yang, who had a promising future, received scholarship to study abroad from Xie Guomin, Chairman of Thailand’s C.P. Group. In 1995, Yang resolutely abandoned her “secure job” in the CCTV and chose to study at Columbia University. As a result, the two persons (Wu and Yang) with clear goals “met” in the US and quickly became a couple.

Mr. Miles Guo clearly pointed out during his live broadcast that Yang Lan was transferred from the MSS to the PLA, from the PLA to the Political and Legal Affairs Committee (at the 1st Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security), and finally back to the Military Commission at the PLA’s Second (Intelligence) Department. Her true identity is a colonel in the PLA’s Second (intelligence) Department.

Yang joined Phoenix TV in July 1997. Her joining the Phoenix Satellite TV was arranged by Xu Yongyao, then Minister of State Security. This was jointly reported to the Central Committee by the General Political Liaison Department, the PLA’s Second Department, and the MSS, and was finally approved by Jiang Zemin. In 1999, she left Phoenix Satellite TV to establish Sun Media Group and founded Sun TV in March of the following year. Sun TV’s license and application paperwork were done by the PLA’s Second Department and the MSS on her behalf. In summary, Yang is the CCP’s top international propagandist to represent the regime’s image around the world.

For this reason, Yang was able to surpass other journalists in Communist China and was able to interview many world-renowned leaders including Lee Kuan Yew and Bill Clinton. Such interviews were arranged by the CCP’s Foreign Ministry, which issued invitation letters. The institutions that organized the interviews are the CCP’s Strategic Association and the China Institute for International Strategic Studies, both of which are legitimate intelligence agencies of the CCP. Besides, the CCP portrayed Yang Lan as an elite, so that she could access the upper-class social circles in Europe. According to Mr. Guo, MSS agents lurking in Hong Kong asked his good friend Sir David Tang Wing-cheung to introduce Yang Lan to Prince Charles of the United Kingdom.

There is a high-end club called the “China Club” in Hong Kong, which is actually a venue for the CCP’s intelligence agencies to entrap foreign ambassadors and diplomats through the BGY Plan. The club has about 20 exclusive rooms for members only, in which all movements will be videotaped. The couple Yang Lan and Bruno Wu are frequent visitors of the club and cooperate in a tacit understanding. Wu often drinks outside while waiting for Yang Lan to sexually entrap her prey. Mr. Guo indicated there are at least a thousand agents like Yang Lan in the CCP, but few can reach her level or work for such a long period of time. Sexual entrapment is presumably Yang Lan’s crime tool that is always successful. Every time she finishes a mission, the CCP’s intelligence agency leaders waiting outside will celebrate with wine and parties.

Whereas the scandals of Wu and Yang have been leaked on the internet many times, such information will be deleted by censoring within 48 hours. How is this possible without intervention by the national government?

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