Author: Citizen of New Federal State of China

Image Source: Financial Times

To whom it may concern,

I became one of the thirteen hundred investors of GTV Media Group during its first private placement in April 2020. Soon after, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) started an ongoing investigation against GTV Media Group.

GTV Media Group has been diligently cooperating with all the requests from the SEC. GTV Media Group has spent over $5 million to present over one thousand legal documents throughout the investigation process. The SEC has even taken company cell phones which contain chat records, with its investors. However, up till now, the SEC has given no conclusions of this exhausting investigation. There is not even a sign of when or whether it will ever end.

 Disappointed after having been waiting for the outcome from the SEC, as an investor and a US citizen, I’d like to share my viewpoints regarding GTV Media Group:

  1. Why I made this investment decision;
  2. What magnificent feats it has achieved;
  3. Its Accomplishment Within the First Year;
  4. Its Significance to the Chinese People;
  5. Questions to the SEC.

1.    Why I Made This Investment Decision

1.1. Human Rights And Equality

First off, I made this investment decision because of my absolute passion and total belief in fundamental human rights and equality.

Human rights are innate. Human rights are unalienable. Any human being does not take them with any earthly force without giving offense to the Holy Spirit.

Every human being is to have equality, opportunity, and fairness. Every human being is entitled to the rights equally to life, liberty, and pursuing happiness. Furthermore, every human being has the right to access information and knowledge to control their destiny and evolve at the level they choose to.

1.2. Mr. Miles Guo

I made this investment decision because of my highest reverence, most profound admiration, whole heartily gratitude, and absolute belief in Mr. Miles Guo. Mr. Miles Guo is one of the most courageous whistleblowers fearlessly standing out to shed light on the darkest spot on this planet, in Beijing, China, where the cruelest tyranny, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), resides.

The unprecedented global Whistleblower Movement, initiated and led by Mr. Miles Guo since January 2017, has been relentlessly exposing the gruesome crimes that the Chinese Communist Party has committed against the Chinese people. In addition, it has been vigorously warning the world of the CCP’s evil plans to take over the world by first destroying America.

Mr. Miles Guo has committed to saving the Chinese people and saving the world. Thirty-three years ago, Mr. Miles Guo was arrested for supporting students in the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. When protecting Mr. Miles Guo’s wife and his young child, police shot his younger brother and finally bleeding out because local hospitals refused to take him. During Mr. Miles Guo’s two-year prison time, he had eaten cotton to get through. Police had beaten him to unconscious countless times because he refused to kneel. He witnessed that police executed dozens of his inmates, arrested because of their taking part in Tiananmen Square protests, one after another. Mr. Miles Guo made a vow to avenge the murder of his brother and to avenge the terrible wrongs done to the Chinese people by the gangster regime.

Mr. Miles Guo had prepared for 29 years before he first blew the whistle in January 2017. However, his whistleblower journey to end the CCP is extremely risky and unpredictable but is the most desperately needed for justice and humanity. During the Whistleblower Movement, there is not one day that Mr. Miles Guo has not been fearlessly exposing the CCP’s brutal crime and evil conspiracies. There is not one day that Mr. Miles Guo has not been uniting the righteous forces from all around the world to confront the most dangerous authoritarian.

The beam of truth lit by Mr. Miles Guo has been gradually illuminating the world. Finally, more and more Chinese people can wake up to the fact that they have been deceived, robbed, and kidnapped for 72 years. More and more people realized that the CCP is the greatest invasive threat to their people and countries. And more and more people have finally come to the point of recognizing the absolute necessity of expunging this evil demon.

Extremely frightened of the Whistleblower Movement, the Chinese Communist Party has been willing to pay any form of ransom at any price to exchange for Mr. Miles Guo via international extradition. In the meantime, it has been trying every means of harassment, threat, and enticement to silence him. The CCP has expropriated Mr. Miles Guo’s properties in China and Hong Kong, including one of his mansions in Hong Kong of value over $600 million. Mr. Miles Guo did not surrender. The CCP has seized his bank accounts of values totaling tens of billions of dollars. The CCP has arrested and tortured his family, relatives, and employees. Mr. Miles Guo did not capitulate. Having been carrying out this God-given mission, the Holy Spirit has been protecting Mr. Miles Guo all the way because we must completely extirpate the Chinese Communist Party for justice, humanity, and human survival!

Mr. Miles Guo’s unshakable belief in justice, his unquestionable integrity, his complete honesty, his undying love, loyalty, and passion to his fellow beings, his selfless dedication, his iron willpower, his exceptional perseverance, his infinite wisdom and intelligence, his remarkable power of sensitivity, discernment, and judgment, his incredible ability to create, his fascinating life experiences, his inspiring leadership, his charismatic personality, his uncanny eloquence, his prodigious memory, his accumulated credibility, resources and connections at the very top of the echelon all over the world, and his sincere humbleness, are all perfectly gifted in him. With these unusual traits combined, Mr. Miles Guo has transmitted such tremendous and powerful vibrations which have attracted millions and millions of followers who resonate with him for the same goal, and that is: taking down the CCP!

1.3. Truth

I made this investment decision because of my passion for spreading the truth and promoting free speech. In America, people have realized that the mainstream media and Big Tech have partnered to suppress. They have suppressed the freedom of speech unconstitutionally. They have been covering up the truth and spreading lies deliberately. They have been programming and hypnotizing their readers and audiences with misleading information continuously. And they know we know they are lying, and yet they continue to lie.

For a long time, both mainstream media and Big Tech have been consistently disseminating the same propaganda. If we trace to the root, it’s easy to find that the same source, the Chinese Communist Party, has fed them. Why do mainstream media and Big Tech become the CCP’s propaganda machine and drill the CCP’s fabrication into the American people? Why do mainstream media and Big Tech kowtow to the CCP passing over the interest of the People and the country? Only one reason: it’s all about money! The CCP’s bloody hand has fed both mainstream media and Big Tech with dirty money. The CCP has successfully brought those American traitors to their knees with its series of Blue-Gold-Yellow (BGY) bribery, blackmail, and corruption maneuvers.

There is a saying, “Truth and only truth can set us free.” However, the question is where people can get the truth. Thus, at this crucial time for humanity, the GTV platform,, was born, as one of the critical components of the majestic Whistleblower Movement, for the immense ultimate mission: giving the truth, liberating the People, and taking down the CCP!

2. What Magnificent Feats It Has Achieved

2.1. All That Lasts Is Truth

Lies last only a moment, but the truth lasts forever. Therefore, spreading the truth, nothing but the truth is the foremost principle of the GTV platform.

The essential components of the Whistleblower Movement, and, are exerting an increasingly profound influence worldwide. They are entirely self-sustained and do not take any subsidies or advertisements from governments, corporations, or organizations. They do not take any party’s agenda or propaganda. They have one and only one mission: disseminating the truth, awakening the world, and eliminating the Chinese Communist Party.

2.2. Most Prompt Breaking News on CCP Lab-made Virus

On 1/19/2020, Lude Media, an important channel of the Whistleblower Movement, raised the alarm about the outbreak of this pandemic caused by the CCP’s lab-made virus, targeting humans and person-to-person transmission.

The platform, together with, is the only source giving shout-outs to the world non-stop that the so-called COVID-19 virus is maliciously engineered in the military P4 lab of Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) by the CCP. It is a biological weapon, premeditatedly deployed, as part of the CCP’s “Take Over The World” stratagem. The CCP has lifted the lid of its Pandora’s Box and officially declared unrestricted, unrestrained, and diabolical biological warfare against the world. This war is not the Third World War. It is the Ultimate World War.

Innocent Chinese people have been the first victims of this vicious attack. Unfortunately, as far as the number of deaths in Wuhan, China, it remains unknown because the CCP has been maniacally covering it up. But eventually, the world will know the shocking numbers.

Lude Media gave the first shout-out on 1/19/2020, 17 months ago. Today, the global death toll from the CCP virus rose above 3 million, and the case tally rose above 140 million. Imagine we could have guarded and saved how many lives!

2.3. Dr. Li-Meng Yan

The and platforms are the first and only sources vigorously appreciating Dr. Li-Meng Yan, one of the world’s top virologists, as well as an ophthalmologist. Having been the first and only scientist globally, standing up to the CCP, revealing the origin and the nature of the COVID-19 virus, Dr. Li-Meng Yan is the most courageous whistleblower and lifesaver. As she pointed out: it’s not about politics, it’s about people’s lives, it’s about the survival of humans, and everyone deserves to know the truth.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan had been working in the School of Public Health of the University of Hong Kong, which plays the world’s leading role in research and has the top lab for Coronavirus. Being one of the very few top virologists who researched its early outbreak in Wuhan, China, in December 2019, Dr. Li-Meng Yan has absolute authority on this CCP virus. She had collected massive first-hand information and primary data. Being a keen and well-trained doctor, she realized that a severe pandemic on a worldwide scale has inevitably erupted.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan decided she must let the world know what has happened and what will happen with this bioweapon virus. However, she could be arrested, disappeared or killed when she spoke a word about it in mainland China or Hong Kong, just like her husband got so frightened and angry at her idea of letting the truth out, and told her that “they (the CCP) will kill us all.” The only way to allow her to let the rest of the world know the truth is to come to the West. This brave young scientist decided to do it.

However, being a top virologist, she has always been under casual but close surveillance. Whether Dr. Li-Meng Yan could leave Hong Kong was unknown and dangerous. When she was preparing for her escape, people close to her became suspicious. Dr. Li-Meng Yan has been trying her best to stay calm while being all alone collecting proofs, chat histories, emails, photos, documents, etc. Just not long before her successful escape, her husband deliberately prepared her a lunch meal. After having eaten half of the meal, Dr. Li-Meng Yan felt extreme discomfort in her heart. She stopped eating and went to bed to rest. She had slept through the entire afternoon before she could wake up. During her interview on Lude Media after her successful escape to the US, Dr. Li-Meng Yan explained that the poison in the lunch meal is potent enough, with the full dose, to cause immediate heart function failure. With that said, it became easy to figure out what had happened to some key scientists, who were involved in the development of the CCP bio-weapons, who had sudden death with symptoms of a heart attack in their early 50s.

Knowing the severity of the spread of this maliciously lab-made virus, Dr. Li-Meng Yan felt the urgency of letting the world know the truth to save lives. To do so, she had risked her life and left everything behind that she had established in Hong Kong, including her family, her successful career, and more. With a detailed plan directly arranged by Mr. Miles Guo and Mr. Lu de, Dr. Li-Meng Yan had successfully escaped Hongkong. On the day flying to the US, Dr. Yan cleverly left her purse outside of the lab, making people believe she had entered the lab and could not respond to any incoming messages. Dr. Yan hurried to the airport, went through the security screening process, and finally got on board. Thanks to a couple of dozen Hongkongers who had secretly helped her along the way. Dr. Yan did not eat or drink anything during the flight, even though she purposely misspelled her name on the ticket. And her concern was valid. While she was still flying, the government and the China Ministry of State Security, together with police officers, rushed to her parent’s apartment in her hometown Qingdao, searching for her. And Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s parents were threatened and arrested multiple times simply because their daughter is telling the world the truth!

During a live broadcast on, celebrating the Chinese New Year in 2021, Dr. Li-Meng Yan shed tears when talking about Hong Kong and Qingdao. Her most profound passion is on that piece of land she had lived on and loved. However, the Chinese Communist Party, the hooligan fascism tyranny, has ruled that land, where people could not speak one word of truth. So she had no choice but to leave her homeland to let the fact out to save lives.

America is a country like a beacon of freedom. Many of us left China, came to American, and became American citizens because we love this country; we love the people who believe in and fight for their freedom and rights. However, things have been changing in America. We have seen the CCP’s control over Americans, particularly over broadcast news and social media platforms. If America falls, the CCP will win.

2.4. Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s Three Reports

The and platforms have been vigorously broadcasting the three most important reports on the CCP virus written by Dr. Li-Meng Yan, listed as follows.

  1. Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s first report published on 9/14/2020:

“Unusual Features of the SARS-CoV-2 Genome Suggesting Sophisticated Laboratory Modification Rather Than Natural Evolution and Delineation of Its Probable Synthetic Route”

“SARS-CoV-2 Is an Unrestricted Bioweapon: A Truth Revealed through Uncovering a Large-Scale, Organized Scientific Fraud”

“CNN Used Lies and Misinformation to Muddle the Water on the Origin of SARS-CoV-2”

“Call for the WHO Team to Investigate the Pangolin Coronaviruses and the RmYN02 Bat Coronavirus”

“The Wuhan Laboratory Origin of SARS-CoV-2 and the Validity of the Yan Reports Are Further Proved by the Failure of Two Uninvited “Peer Reviews”

 Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s reports were a beam of light in the dark, desperately needed by the whole world. Quoted from her Twitter, “Archives showed that the first report had more than 150,000 views on its first day on Zenodo – spectacular reach for a scientific paper.”

Dr. Li-Meng Yan had Joined Mr. Steve Bannon’s War Room on multiple episodes. In addition, she had done interviews on Fox News, Newsmax TV, the Daily Mail, etc. Dr. Li-Meng Yan has been diligently conveying the critical points in her reports using plain language to the public why this virus was lab-manipulated and why it was intentionally released.

To defeat the pandemic, we must understand the origin and nature of the virus. Dr. Li-Meng Yan has been ceaselessly giving the shoutout that the CCP had re-engineered this virus on top of the backbone of Zhoushan Bat coronavirus, which the CCP solely possesses. In particular, the CCP had maliciously designed it to target humans and person-to-person transmission.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan gave the warning one year ago, “We don’t have much time.” Also, she alerted the world, on Mr. Banon’s War Room, “These bioweapons will be used by the CCP again and again, whenever necessary.” The CCP has a wide variety of contemporary gene biological weapons, ready to be released against any targeted cities or countries to paralyze their economy and society. And today’s tragedy in India is sad proof. The CCP is committing the greatest crimes of our era. How many more lives does it take for the world to wake up to the fact that there is only one solution to stop the pandemic and the crimes, and that is to take the Chinese Communist Party accountable, bring its leaders to justice, and completely wipe out the root of all evil?

While at the same time, what mainstream media and Big Tech have been doing is covering up and lying about the origin of the CCP virus. They have deliberately diverted people’s attention to masks, social distance, shutdowns, and vaccines. CDC admitted that more dead from complications following inoculation with the so-called Covid-19 “vaccines” as there have been for all previous vaccines total from last 20 years combined. However, the masses don’t get to hear this because mainstream media pushes the corrupt, criminal, and evil political narrative about the pandemic and killer vaccines for a planned biggest mass murder in history.

World-renowned virologists and scientists, members of the scientific community, and the World Health Organization (WHO) have been shamelessly making up and promoting the false narrative and “nature-origin” stories for their own personal political or financial reasons. Namely, they are Peter Daszak, Robert Gallo, Trevor Bedford, Kristian Andersen, Ralph Baric, Stanley Perlman, Aravinda Chakravarti, Rita Colwell, Linda Salf, and Anthony Fauci, etc. They are simply hiding their complicity and want to protect their source of funding. They are just as criminal as the creator of the virus. History will pin these names on the Wall of Shame.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan has also relentlessly spread the benefit of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). HCQ is a practical, relatively safe, and inexpensive drug which “can be used as a protective net to prevent the CCP viruses from invading” (quoted from Dr. Yan’s Twitter). Hydroxychloroquine also prevents the infected patients from developing a severe prognosis.

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Woodcock knew hydroxychloroquine and its safety margin for years. However, they had intentionally blocked this remedy because the Big Pharma companies don’t want competition for their vaccines, bringing them billions of dollars in profit. As a result, US government officials, scientists, scientific journals, and media have downplayed the early use of HCQ. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that some people are directly responsible for over five hundred thousand American deaths. They are no different from murders.

2.5. Three Hard Drives and Hunter Biden

The and platforms are the first and only sources massively spreading the three hard drives that contain proof of Hunter Biden’s crimes. In addition, there are tens of thousands of shocking videos and photos of Hunter Biden of his pedophilia and sexual abuse of underage girls, as well as massive amounts of evidence of monetary bribery.

Hunter Biden has made a secret deal of $4.5 Billion with Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan. In addition, he received a $10 million annual return from joint business ownership with a Chinese billionaire.

Lude Media has also made in-depth disclosure in September 2020, 9 months ago. Even today, Hunter Biden still owns shares in a Chinese equity firm. So what have the mainstream media and Big Tech been doing? Nothing but censoring and suppressing.

2.6. CCP’s Crimes against the Chinese People

With and, the Whistleblower Movement is the first and only source focusing on revealing the illegitimacy and evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party. It has unceasingly exposed what has happened and is happening in China under the ruling of the authoritative regime. The entire world should know and must know the CCP’s heinous crimes against the Chinese people.

For 72 years since it took over power in 1949, the Chinese Communist Party has been governing the country with falsehood, mafia-like ruling, brutal police force, and corruption, with no bottom line. In addition, the CCP has manipulated Chinese people using the five cruel tactics: brainwashing, weakenings, exhaustion, humiliation, and impoverishment. As a result, the Chinese people have lived their lives without fundamental human rights, freedom, and democracy, without law and order, fairness and peace, without security and dignity, let alone achieving their dreams.

Since 1949, the Chinese Communist Party has launched multiple brutal political campaigns, from the Land Reforming Movement, to the Suppression of Anti-Revolution Movement, to the Big Culture Revolution, to the One-Child Policy, to Tiananmen Square Massacre, to global organ trafficking and transplant abuse, to mass religious repression, to the persecution of Falun Gong adherents, Tibetans, and Xingjiangers, to the genocide of Uyghurs and Muslim ethnic minorities, and more. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people were executed, killed, or died unnaturally. The Chinese Communist Party has committed the most horrendous crimes against humanity in human history. Think about this: up till today, the 21st year in the 21st century, over one billion Chinese people are still isolated within the CCP’s firewall, allowing zero free access to the rest of the world wide web, but being brainwashed with the CCP’s insidious indoctrination and lie after lie after lie.

2.7. CCP’s Plan to Take Over The World

With and, the Whistleblower Movement is the first and only source continuously alerting the world to the danger of the CCP’s “Take Over The World” scheme, which has been plotted and executed for decades.

From breaking an international agreement to allow Hong Kong to remain free from Beijing’s control for 50 years, to arresting, torturing and killing Hongkong peaceful protesters, to repeatedly breaking promise after promise, to its militarization efforts in the South China Sea, to attempting to absorb Tawan through its “One China Policy”, to implementing its “One Belt, One Road” project to control energy resources and the Straits of Malacca, to bombing ships in the Suez Canal and the Strait of Hormuz, to threatening Japan and India with oil supply, to stirring up the street riots and thuggery in the world, to inciting racist, hostilities, resentments and strife globally, to stealing intellectual properties from all over the world, to secretly collecting private data, identity and genetic information worldwide, to deception, espionage, sabotage, infiltration and assassination in many countries, to proficient monetary and sexual bribery and blackmail, the Blue-Gold-Yellow (BGY) artifice, to interfering the 2020 United States presidential election, to conducting massive money laundering, some through Bitcoin, to maliciously manipulating crypto markets, to focusing its efforts to control the global internet, to originating the ongoing global pandemic, to declaring an unrestricted biological warfare, etc., etc.

The CCP has colluded with dark forces all over the world for decades. All that the CCP has been deploying and perpetrating is for its wildest ambition to eventually plunder the planet earth, enslave the whole world, and rob the wealth to sustain and nourish only their families and illegitimate children. The CCP has put down roots worldwide by its “Art of Architecture Projects” generation after generation.

The Chinese Communist Party is the greatest threat to justice, humanity, and human survival. The Whistleblower Movement has shouted out the first outcry. We are having more and more courageous warriors standing up fighting for justice. What’s in the CCP’s Pandora’s Box is beyond our wildest imagination. It is unappeasable. We need more people to wake up and stand up to remove the demon before it’s too late.

2.8. CCP’s Plan to Devour America

With and, the Whistleblower Movement is the first and only source incessantly revealing that the Chinese Communist Party has meticulously executed its perfect scheme to tear down America at all levels and dimensions.

One cabal is the ferocious “Extinction of The White” scheme, which deliberately instigates hatred among races, particularly against the White in America and other countries.

Other master conspiracy stratagems, the “13579 Plan” and “3F Plan”, are devised to target directly at America by weakening, disturbing, and destroying America. The CCP will finally take complete control over America through the CCP’s allies and running dogs in America, who have been BGY’ed, blackmailed, and sold their souls for money and power.

Part of this devastating plan is to ruin the American economy, financial, and currency system by destructively manipulating gold on a global scale. The CCP is also coming after the world’s prime reserve currency, the United States Dollar, by wildly promoting its cryptocurrency and DCEP system.

The CCP has successfully interfered with the 2020 United States presidential election, including exploiting the Dominion Voting System, which links to Smartmatic, an electronic voting technology company. Furthermore, the CCP has colluded with the dark forces in America to stir up the street and capital riots and racial crises to lead to fragmentation and separation in America.

On April 19th, 2017, Mr. Miles Guo had a live interview on the Voice of America (VOA) promises of a three-hour live conversation. However, while in the middle of the interview, VOA Director Amanda Bennett, who was one of several Obama administration holdovers in the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), demanded to immediately stop the live interview, cutting it short by two hours. It was clear that the CCP feared what Mr. Miles Guo might say on VOA. It was also clear that the CCP had seized control of the VOA by the throat. VOA suffered a significant blow to its reputation by this sudden unplugging of the power cord during a live interview, which has never happened in history. And this has also become an important historical event marking American mainstream media annihilated.

Mr. Miles Guo warned the world about the CCP’s “13579 Plan” and “3F Plan” at the press conference held in Washington DC on October 5th, 2017. He said, “I’m here to tell all of our friends from America, Japan, Europe, all over the world, and every peace-loving friend, please do believe what I said. The darkness is fast approaching. We must get prepared. The Chinese Communist Party kleptocrats are bringing all of us into the darkness. And the darkness will permeate the entire world and destroy western civilization. Every one of us will have to confront it. God bless America.”

Sadly, no one believed the warning from Mr. Miles Guo at the time. The chaos of today’s situation in America has deep roots. America has long departed from its faith in God and its founding principles. The parasitic elites and officials at all levels have sold their souls to exchange for money. The entire top echelon of this country, including government, legislation, judiciary, congress, finance, business, media, technology, even entertainment, and sports, is tightly interwoven with the Chinese Communist Party and has sold out the interest of the People and the country. These American kleptocrats’ collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party has formed many levels of impenetrable deep state and swamp in America.

However, we believe that the conscience within people will awaken when they see the truth. We are encouraged to see that more and more courageous American warriors fight back and protect Americans. They are Mr. Steve Bannon, Mr. Rudy Giuliani, Mr. Mike Pompeo, Mr. Peter Navarro, and Dr. Lawrence Sellin, Mr. Gordon Chang, and many more. We Chinese people and people around the world appreciate them. History will remember them for what they have done for justice and humanity.

3. Accomplishment Within The First Year

3.1. Explosive Growth

GTV Media Group, born with the great awakening Whistleblower Movement, has created a powerful multi-functioned global platform,

Its solid data for the first year has shown that it has been growing explosively. By far, it is one of the fastest-growing companies. What it has achieved so far, in such a short period, is astonishing at all levels.

As an investor, I’m pleased to see that the most recent estimated value, evaluated by the independent third parties, is multifold. I’m excited about its extraordinarily bright, promising, and prosperous future. I’m also confident because of its established credibility. Finally, I’m proud of myself for being part of the great Whistleblower Movement supporting this platform, one of the very few on the surface of the planet, which shouts for justice. The platform is going to become a giant.

3.2. Role in History

 At this critical turning point in human history, the great Whistleblower Movement, with and, have made a significant impact and tremendous contributions to humanity and justice. The Whistleblower Movement does not take any party’s agenda. Its mission and only mission is to spread the truth, the outcry for justice, and take down the most sinister criminal, the Chinese Communist Party, that no one else in the world is willing to do and able to do.

The Whistleblower Movement is the only source that exposed the mysterious death of Wang Jan, Co-Founder of Chinese Giant Hainan Airline (HNA), in July 2018, which disclosed a ball and chain of corruption among the CCP kleptocrats.

The Whistleblower Movement is the only source that revealed the unbelievably massive amount of assets stolen by the CCP kleptocrats from the Chinese people, the American People, and all around the world, laundered overseas in their families’ and illegitimate children’s names.

The Whistleblower Movement is the only source that dares to stab at the impenetrable corrupted religion and the deep state and has profoundly impacted the world.

On April 21, 2021, and released bombshell news, the CCP’s classified Top Secret, that the CCP has the antidote to the virus! Xi Jinping protects himself from the virus, not the vaccines, but the antidote to the virus. The antidote was developed at the same time when they created this virus in the lab. The antidote to this virus is simply another weapon of the CCP’s to control the fate of the human race. COVID-19 is an artificial product of the CCP’s gain-of-function virus research of the biowarfare program. Vaccines are nonexistent and only illusions. The CCP must turn in the antidote! and are the platforms with the capability, capacity, strength, and means to keep their voice heard, while social media giants’ ban silenced even former President Trump.

The truth will set us free. Now more than ever, people need to hear the truth. We are dedicated to the truth, true journalism, the truth movement. The truth will inspire, awaken and unite us. We must stand together to fight for our rights and values. The great Whistleblower Movement and its platforms have been and will continue to be the beacon of truth for the world.

4. Its Significance to the Chinese People

4.1. So-called Overseas Chinese Democracy Movement

The CCP has been brainwashing the Chinese people and the rest of the world that the Chinese people are uncivilized. They do not deserve human rights, freedom, and democracy. They do not deserve fairness, opportunity, and equality. They are only to be suppressed, controlled, and enslaved.

Pathetically, almost all of the so-called overseas Chinese Democracy Movement leaders concurred. Looking back on the past thirty-two years since 1989, they have been considered mainland Chinese dissidents. However, none of them have ever stood up to reveal the CCP’s crimes. They have been considered advocates of liberal democratic values. However, none of them have ever stood up for the human rights of the Chinese people.

On the contrary, they have been sparking rumors to attack the Whistleblower Movement. It turned out that they have been taking the CCP’s dog food to play the role of overseas “dissidents” for the CCP. These traitors have been feeding themselves with the bread mixed with the life and blood of those Chinese heroes murdered in the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

4.2. The Establishment of The New Federal State of China

For all of those who despise the Chinese people they do so because they are the losers. They do not have the belief, courage and they do not have the ability and capacity to save the Chinese people from being enslaved.

Jun. 4th, 2020, is the most glorious time of all Chinese people. The brand new, majestic the New Federal State of China was born. After three and half years of the Whistleblower Movement, initiated by Mr. Miles Guo, Mr. Steve Bannon, and hundred of millions of participators, supporters, and followers, we have established a new country with Rule of Law, democracy, and freedom for the Chinese people.

We have also launched the Himalaya Supervisory Organization to ensure human rights and the security of personal assets. It is a legitimate, non-governmental organization with no political affiliation, composed of designated personnel. The Himalaya Supervisory Organization complies with international laws and laws made by the New Federal State of China and accepts supervision from international legal institutions. Like the Rule of Law Society and the Rul of Law Foundation, the Himalaya Supervisory Organization has been acknowledged by the international community and protected by International Laws. The Himalaya Supervisory Organization will serve as a liaison with countries, parties, associations, and friends worldwide to ensure efficient progress of the maturity of the New Federal State of China. It will collaborate with international supervisory organizations to oversee the operations of the New Federal State of China to maintain transparency in the democratic system and reduce administration costs. It will assist in achieving everlasting peace, friendship, mutual respect, and mutual benefits with all countries for another millennium.

4.3. Chinese People Are Making History

The great Whistleblower Movement and the Chinese people have stepped onto the core stage of the world. We demonstrate that the Chinese people significantly impact the planet and make immense contributions to humanity, justice, and human civilization, with courage, conscience, capability, commitment, integrity, and nobility.

4.3.1. Hongkongers

If people want to know about the Chinese people, please take a look at Hongkongers. They have grown up and lived on a piece of land with freedom and human rights for 100 years, and they are heroes fighting for their freedom with their lives. They live up to their moral standards, conscience, honesty, and diligence. As a result, Hongkongers are the most welcomed residents all over the world. Hong Kong is the Chinese people’s Holy City, and Hongkongers are the Chinese people’s pride. They give you the best answer.

4.3.2. The G|Series

If people want to know about the Chinese people, please look at the G|Series, born with the great Whistleblower Movement. G|Series is composed of G|TV (, G|NEWS (, G|CLUB (, G|FASHION (, and more to come.

In addition, GETTR, a Twitter-like microblogging app, will be launched in July 2021. One of its powerful features is that GETTR takes 777 characters per blog, while Twitter limits it to 280. Finally, and most importantly, it is a social networking service spreading the truth, uniting the people, and promoting freedom of speech for justice and humanity.

Each one of them is rewriting the code for the future, code of revolutionized multifunction social media, code of global luxury fashion by the world’s top designers, code of the First-Class experience of travel and events, and more.

Each one of them is innovative, aspirational, and boundless creation and curation from Mr. Miles Guo’s imagination and vision, leading to a brand new world of the future. G|Series is setting the new golden standards for the world, and it gives you the best answer. 

4.3.3. The Himalaya Exchange

If people want to know about the Chinese people, please look at the Himalaya Exchange system, launched on April 21, 2021, a groundbreaking Cryptocurrency Exchange platform. With both Ethereum and ConsenSys Quorum perfectly combined, it is a brilliantly designed digital currency financial ecosystem, composed of Himalaya Coin, Himalaya Dollar, Himalaya Pay,with Himalaya Reserve, and more to come.

Built with credibility, with the most strict KYC process and the most robust 3-Factor Authentication method, the Himalaya Exchange system can maintain the highest levels of safety, security, and compliance. In particular, It can guarantee the legitimacy of all transactions and total elimination of any possibilities of money laundering and other crimes.

The Himalaya Exchange system promises members with absolute safety and security. Other than yourself, no one else knows anything about your coins in the system. You, and only you, see what you have. You, and only you, can do whatever you want with your coins. No one else has the right, ability, or power to gain any knowledge of it.

This system contains two types of coins. One is the crypto coin, Himalaya Coin, whose value is driven solely by the market forces. Another type is the stable coins, which correspond with various types of currency at a rate of 1:1 and are backed by physical gold of 20%. These two types of coins co-exist beautifully in this system, and all are exchangeable.

The Himalaya Exchange system ensures global, borderless, and boundless circulation of the coins, freely, securely, and instantly. Furthermore, members can enjoy sending, withdrawing, converting, and trading among all types of coins and making purchases from a world of Ecosystem Merchants with Himalaya Pay.

The Himalaya Exchange system offers guaranteed traceability. It guarantees to protect your assets from loss. Your coins are guaranteed to be protected from anyone misconducting any sort of wrongdoings, such as peek, spy, disclosure, modification, theft, fraud, cheat, freeze. The traceability of your coins is available to you only. No one else on the earth could know.

The Himalaya Exchange is the only system implemented to reflect the true essence of “money” to the time of its invention. Society is purely and solely a continual series of exchanges. This system gives it the most remarkable eulogy to honor each trade as a voluntary and admirable transaction. Contract parties both gain automatically; otherwise, the exchange would not occur.

Initiated by one of the greatest thinkers of our time, Mr. Miles Guo, his compassion and wisdom is a great gift bestowed upon the Himalaya Exchange system to empower people. This system created a new territory of circulation of coins outside of jurisdictions of any government. Members can enjoy their trading activities freely and confidently. It provides members with complete protection from any outside interferences engaging immorality, lawlessness, malpractice, coercion from people who violate the rights of their fellow men for their profit.

The Himalaya Exchange system offers every member a private, safe, most secured, most potent, and most advanced personal banking system. It can unleash people’s power by giving control back to them over their finances.

When people can claim sovereignty over their assets and wealth, they become emancipated and free. Outside threats or controls will lose their effectiveness.

Governments will lose interest in the physical restriction and restrainment of people. As a result, people will be able to recapture their freedom of speech.

The world will realize the dominance and power of the Himalaya Exchange system. Without a doubt, it will take on a leading role to welcome the new age of crypto digital currency.

More profoundly, this unconventional advancement will unveil the beginning of an unprecedented new epoch with a revolutionary reformation of the territory of government, politics, economy, etc. It will lead socialism and capitalism to fade out and take human civilization into a new era of Justism, where everyone’s right, and interest is equally respected and protected.

The Himalaya Exchange system is an exceptional success, achieved with surpassing wisdom and intelligence, with love and compassion, with a formidable array of talent, with the cutting-edge blockchain and crypto technology, with the ultra-powerful hardware, as well as tremendous financial strength. The capacity, capability, and potentiality of this ecosystem give you the best answer.

There will be a small group of people who are frightened of losing their monopoly and controlling power to enslave others and live off the value production of others. They can no longer feed their greed and pedophilia endlessly.

However, any resistance is futile. History is progressing inevitably at its pace. And this time, it is the Chinese people as the main force who are making history. Without the CCP, the Chinese people will become welcomed residents globally, and China will become an incredible country.

Everything is just beginning.

4.4. Separation Between The Chinese People And The CCP

The Chinese Communist Party is the common enemy of the Chinese people and the world. The Chinese people, the Whistleblower Movement followers, have been unceasingly fighting to expose the CCP’s crimes. Like what Dr. Lawrence Sellin has praised the Chinese young Covid-19 detectors, they have collected and shared more information within a week than American Intelligence’s ten-year research combined.

Thanks to the Whistleblower Movement and, platforms. They have successfully differentiated the Chinese people from the Chinese Communist Party and China from the Chinese Communist Party.

They are the protection and hope for the Chinese people, both on the mainland and overseas. For the first time, the Chinese people can speak freely and fight for their rights. We will protect and defend them with our lives against any forms of attack from any sources.

5. Questions to the SEC

The Whistleblower Movement platforms,, and GETTR, spread the truth and protect the freedom of expression. As a result, the world will recognize that they have played the most pivotal role at this critical turning point, a time when humanity must choose its future.

All the misconduct, malignancy, and malpractice the US Securities Exchange Commission has done to GTV Media Group must be investigated and exposed. In addition, all of the connections between the SEC officials and the CCP must be investigated and exposed.

On behalf of all of the investors of GTV Media Group, I am requesting reports from the SEC regarding:

  1. Who gave the order for this investigation?
  2. What is the goal of this investigation the SEC is trying to achieve beyond the one thousand documents GTV Media Group has already provided?
  3. Did the SEC conduct equivalent investigations against Alibaba, Baidu, TikTok, and other Chinese companies?
  4. Is the SEC going to conduct a thorough investigation of the SEC officials in collaboration with the CCP?
  5. Some investors living in mainland China got arrested, disappeared, and even killed after they invested in GTV Media Group. So how did their information get divulged to the CCP?
  6. How does the SEC compensate all investors of GTV Media Group for their loss?

We must take down the CCP. The CCP must be dismantled entirely from the planet Earth. Otherwise, no one is safe. No one.

We hope that the SEC will stand on the right side of history. We hope that the SEC will join the force of justice to eradicate the root of all evil, the Chinese Communist Party.

Let’s not let our next and future generations down.

Thank you!

Citizen of New Federal State of China