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The son said to his chief’s father: “I like the daughter of the deputy director’s across the street very much!”

The secretary secretly told him: “That’s your half-sister, you can only be friends.”

The son said again: “I also like the chief’s daughter next door!”

The director said: “That’s your other half-sister, don’t tell your mother.”

The son cried and told his mother about these experiences. Mother comforted her son: “Don’t worry. Find whoever you like. You are actually the mayor’s son!


Bond by genitals is one of the strategies commonly seen among the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) leaders to rule people in China. To collude and maximize the mutual benefits, CCP governors often establish sexual relationship to build network, and use it as a tool in exchange for benefits they otherwise are unqualified for, or in some cases as a blackmail weapon against the other party. Such strategies are comprehensively used in many level in the government, up to the top leaders and down to local police offices. Some of these activities involves sending his own wife to have sex with his boss, or allowing husband many sex partners for special purposes. It’s much beyond affairs because these are planned, agreed, unhidden from spouses.

The CCP leaders are fond of creating their own “Genes Map”, that is a well planned and intentional generation of illegitimate children out of their marriage, with full awareness or even help from their spouses. They live a life a lot like a king with concubines and many children. The only difference would be the information of the concubines and illegitimate children are secrets only limited to very few people, to keep the safe, and away from the attacks from other political enemies and the public awareness. Many of them live abroad to secure the family’s fortune and investment, usually illegally grabbed from people of the Communist China.

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