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Today a family member announced that they would get vaccinated against Covid-19. They have been saying this for a while but we thought we had convinced them to delay until next year – to see what side-effect others would experience. It seemed logical advice. Why have a medical procedure when there was still so much controversy surrounding it? So far nobody is forcing us to… yet. Why take the chance? The procedure is irreversible after all.

But all the logic in the world has not been enough. This is the madness of the crowd. It has to do with trust (too much) of authority – political authority, medical authority, police & security authority.  It has to do with wanting to fit in, to not be different than your friends.  Not to have to answer awkward questions about why you have not been vaccinated when everybody around you has. It has to do with never doing a deep-dive in order to research for yourself what the contrary opinions are saying – only listening to one side of the argument. It has to do with being lazy, and being too used to comfort, peace, prosperity, and with no memory of deprivation, evil, malign intentions – even from those in positions of authority.  

My best teacher in high school taught me that the only way to approach research was to read widely, read many sides of an argument, then synthesize all the opinions and form your own opinion. If you are, for example, researching an event like the results of the 1919 Peace Conference in Paris you must read a US opinion, a European opinion, an opinion from the East, and another from the Middle East – at least. Then, based on these different opinions you form your own view. Otherwise, how can you possibly speak with any authority about what the outcome meant for the world?

In the west we elect people to look after all the processes and institutions surrounding our lives – political, economic, defense, education, health, and more. We essentially outsource all the essential services and structures to people we do not even know. We hide behind statements like “our elected representatives are there to serve us”, “protect and serve”, “by the people, for the people”.  What happens when those bonds of trust no longer function? What happens when those representatives no longer represent us? It has happened to many times in history. We should, by now, know that these bonds of trust can and do break down. This is human nature. We all know this is true from our personal lives. If we give our children too much they will turn out to be monsters.  Why would we think the same is not true for those strangers who aspire to govern us all? 

So why can the 5% of the people who are cynical enough, skeptical enough, experienced enough, and who have enough knowledge of the evil cycles of history, not convince the majority who are not, that the logical course is to delay taking an mRNA vaccine? It is because our voices are being silenced. We are maligned as kooks, as conspiracy theorists, as fringe actors, and as mad. We see it clearly every day. Particularly in Social Media, but also in the regular media. We (the 5%) can combine all the evidence – the lie of the source of the virus itself, suppression of the perfectly safe and efficacious prophylactics (HCQ, Ivermectin, Zinc) in order to make way for the Emergency Use Approval of the vaccines; the manipulation of the PCR tests cycles and reporting to bolster the belief that vaccines are the only solution; asymptomatic transmission; vaccine passports (for the first time in history); the inconsistency of the “experts”; the obstruction from the media and Social media – all of it, and sense that the narrative is designed to deceive us. 

Even a traditionally Left-leaning academic like Naomi Wolf is being branded a conspiracy theorist for asking important questions about vaccine passports. The New Republic said about Wolf: The “Beauty Myth” author has gone from being a feminist icon to an anti-vaxxer banned by Twitter. But she’s always struggled with the truth….” This is how they control the educated, inquisitive, intelligent voices. Just like in the Chinese Cultural Revolution when they put a cone hat on the individual and subjected them to a “struggle session” where they would be forced to reveal their imaginary crimes, or when the son of Marie Antionette (the last Queen of France) -Louis Charles – was forced to give evidence against his own mother before she was convicted and beheaded.

When you are no longer allowed to ask questions about certain topics then you can be sure you are right over the target. However, a large part of the population, unfortunately, has become used to deferring to authority figures.  They wish to be taken care of.  They do not want to get involved in difficult questions.  They in fact want to be deceived.  

I am losing the ability to reason with my own family because we are in the midst of a Marxist Revolution. 

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who (or what) you are not allowed to criticize” Voltaire