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I just couldn’t believe that this scene is my childhood regular events.

It’s amazing how brain works. It could save some horrible memories intact even you didn’t realized the aftermath of those events at that time and suddenly they emerged to your vision as vividly as yesterday. I was only a kid during cultural revolution(1966-1976), but I can recall all the activities of those years without digging my memory.

We often had to go to the stadium out of town to participate the Assemblies of Denouncing counterrevolutionaries, which always ended “sentenced them to death and to be executed immediately at the spot.” The scene exactly as shown in the photo and I seemed seeing the confused faces of school kids in the front raw.

Those humiliated people kneed down got shot could be of any excuse, such as an earshot overheard by a passer-by when they were talking with their family about their real opinion and concern of what was happening. It was enough to label them as counterrevolutionaries. In no time such an assembly would be entitled to sentence them to death. One of 11-y-o boy was shot for the crime of counterrevolutionary. What had he done? He accidently broken the table statue of Mao Zedong, which was the household requirement. If the family couldn’t afford the statue, there must be a poster of Mao in the central party of the room. 

My brain seemed to put all these memories behind to save me mentally from my own trauma. When we were school kids, everything was scarce. The notebooks would be used both sides then became the toilet paper afterwards. I remembered one day during a break, I was playing role as a teacher correcting the exercise with my used notebook. suddenly one of the classmates shouted loudly out of nowhere: “You are counterrevolutionary!” without realizing what I had done, that girl took my notebook to our class teacher. She showed the teacher the page where I had corrected with a huge red “x ”. From the photo above, you’d learn what that “x” on the name meant: this person was a counterrevolutionary and would be sentenced to death.

My red “x” happened to be placed on the sentence of “Long Live Chairman Mao!”, which was the first lesson of all school kids for the subject of Chinese language at that time.

It’s roleplay game and of course I didn’t read what were written, just tick or x pages randomly. On realizing my x had been on the wrong page, my entire body frozen and brain blank until my class teacher’s hand on my shoulder and told me to go her office. She did nothing when we were alone in the office, and just gave back my notebook and said: “take it home for toilet paper.”

But the girl’s screaming voice had done all the damage to my mental wellbeing, and sadly I realized that such horror is now repeating not only in mainland China, it is normal phenomenon in America with so called political right, which the lefties had all their ideology snuck into the society, such as CRT to education curriculum from kindergarten. These are all tactics of communist trying to indoctrinate from children with their evil brainwash. It would lead to hatred and horror in the young children and the  impact is no less than watching shooting a group of people on their heads in front of school kids in my childhood.

I couldn’t agree more with Yeonmi Park, who escaped from sex slavery in China after fleeing North Korea: “It’s just heart-breaking”, “North Korea was not this nuts”. Only we, who have experienced the communist and totalitarian regime would understand what all those cancel culture, CRT, BLM would lead to in America. It is Chinese cultural revolution 2.0 version in America.