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On June 12th, at the initiative of President Joe Biden, G7 leaders launched a massive global infrastructure program for poor and emerging countries to compete with Beijing’s “One Belt, One Road.” The White House announced that the program, known as “Rebuilding a Better World,” will help these countries recover from the COVID-19 pandemic as soon as possible by focusing on climate, health, and combating inequality. The program is focused on providing financial assistance to countries in Africa and Asia.

The CCP has been promoting the “Belt and Road strategy,” around the world for eight years, using bribery, sex trafficking, and other unscrupulous means. The regions deeply affected by it are: Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe, as well as some of the economically underdeveloped countries in Southern Europe. In recent years it has also grown to some developed countries. The “Belt and Road” strategy is a way to help other countries develop their economies, but in fact, it is a way to plunder their national and strategic resources, and many countries have fallen into the trap of the CCP and paid a heavy price of debt. At the same time, the CCP has also expanded its influence in these countries through the “Belt and Road” economic layout, which has largely helped  the CCP to challenge the United States.

The plan launched at the G7 Summit is a direct response to the CCP ‘s “Belt and Road” strategy, and will have the effect of “taking the bull by the horns.” The implementation of this plan will disrupt the CCP’s layout, weaken the CCP’s influence and control in the world, and reduce the CCP’s power.

This plan is one of the strategies to counter the CCP and will help democratic countries to better deal with the CCP’s challenges.

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