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On June 10th, U.S. Trade Representative Chi Tai and Taiwan Trade Representative Deng Zhenzhong held a video conference on deepening business ties between the two sides. Chi Tai said, “The U.S.-Taiwan commercial and investment relationship is important. The United States needs to work with Taiwan in the framework of multilateral organizations in many areas of mutual priority.” The two officials jointly said they will resume the U.S.-Taiwan trade dialogue, which has been suspended since 2016.

Taiwan has issued a message confirming that the U.S.-Taiwan trade dialogue is taking place in the next few weeks. Deng Zhenzhong expressed a strong desire for Taiwan and the United States to deepen bilateral trade and economic relations across the board, the release said. Taiwan praised the “harmonious and constructive” dialogue between the two sides and said that Taiwan plays an important role in the international supply chain.

The Biden administration apparently made the decision to challenge the CCP, despite repeated warnings from Beijing, as the U.S. and Taiwan opened their first high-level formal government-to-government contacts. Taiwan, with such prominent companies such as TSMC, Hon Hai, UMC, and PEGATRON, holds a very important position in the world supply chain; TSMC owns half of the chip production capacity. Direct dialogue between the top levels of the U.S. and Taiwan governments can help promote mutual trade development, and a virtuous circle between governments.

In fact, the U.S. has been Taiwan’s strongest ally and partner, and is the most powerful peacekeeping force in the Taiwan Strait. Previously, the U.S. government had to opt for an ambiguous strategy in the Taiwan Strait in order to maintain friendly relations with the CCP. In these recent months, the U.S. government has interacted frequently with Taiwan through military training Taiwan‘s army, visits by members of Congress, high-level government business and trade dialogues, and the Biden administration has ignored the protests of the CCP.

This shows that the Biden administration has shifted from its previous strategy of mild ambiguity toward the CCP to a strong strategy of counter-competition. On Taiwan  issues, the CCP is gradually losing the initiative.

Reference source:中国/20210610-不顾北京反对-拜登政府首次与台湾讨论商贸合作

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