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On March 31 Italy prevented Chinese company Shenzhen Investment Holdings Co from buying a controlling stake in LPE, a Milan-based firm producing semiconductor equipment, signaling a renewed commitment to shield strategic assets from foreign takeovers.

In June “news” appeared on Chinese language websites claiming that the new Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi had admitted that COVID-19 (the CCP-virus) pandemic originated in Italy. The Italian Embassy in Beijing issued a statement calling this a complete lie with no basis.

This is yet another example of how the CCP pushes, bullies, bribes, infiltrates and ultimately miscalculates in order to angle for power in the West. The massive investments in the Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI) are not negotiated with a win-win outcome in mind. They are negotiated with a zero-sum approach – the CCP will only gain by causing their “partners” to lose.

The miscalculation occurs because, as sneaky, successful and experienced as the CCP is at gaming the partners’ own laws, politics, and regulations, they continue to misread the centuries old Western ethos of fairness, law, faith and human rights. The CCP only has one setting – breach contracts, manipulate, subvert, bully, infiltrate and steal. When dealing with countries who have centuries of contract law, this kind of lawless behavior will eventually exhaust the patience of even the greediest politician or business person.

Italy was the first G7 country to embrace the BRI under PM Giuseppe Conti, and Italy has been the most pro-China EU member. In 2020, 400 Chinese groups held stakes in 760 Italian companies. The corollary of that was that Italy was the most impacted when the Pandemic hit. 

What has caused the CCP to fall out of favor in even the most pro-CCP EU country? Cheng Chin-mo, director at the Department of Diplomacy and International Relations of the Tamkang University in Taiwan outlies five main reasons [1]

Firstly, Italians will never forget or forgive that China covered-up its CCP-virus outbreak in early 2020, and encouraging its spread to the West through International flights. The result so far is 127,000 deaths and a 13% reduction on per capita income.

Secondly, the CCP has earned a bad reputation because of a lack of business ethics and poor conduct. They are infamous for violating local regulations and breaching contracts. On balance the country has seen no material benefit from the BRI. CCP partnerships have suffered or gone bankrupt, sometimes destroying centuries old Italian businesses.

Thirdly, when Italy supported EU sanctions on Beijing for the Uyghur genocide in Xinjiang, the CCP Ministry of Foreign Affairs defaulted to its natural setting and castigated Brussels (EU headquarters) saying that the EU should “reflect on itself [and] face squarely the severity of its mistake” and stop “interfering in [China’s] internal affairs”.

Fourthly, Conte’s successor Mario Draghi, who was elected in February, is determined to seek strengthened alliance with the United States, is pro-European and believes in the Atlantic Alliance and NATO. Stopping the LPE deal shows that Draghi is intent on containing the CCP’s ambitions in Italy.

Lastly, Europe in general had for years been nervous to upset the perceived economic benefits of dealing with Beijing. However, given the new World-unanimity regarding the source of the CCP virus – the only supportable theory now being that it was developed by a military-civil fusion biological weapons program in China – EU countries have found the courage to push back against CCP bullying. The need for self-preservation and security is finally outweighing profit motivations and greed. The CCP’s human rights abuses in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, Mongolia and Taiwan, its ridiculous overreach in the South China Sea, its predatory-mercantilist business practices, were by themselves not enough to change the tide, but the CPP-virus is the straw that broke the Camel’s back.

The CCP fancies itself worthy of ruling the world based simply on being more cunning, more ruthless, and a desire to dominate. The West was prepared to allow a rising China to prosper as long as it adhered to some basic international norms, and as long as the Establishment politicians and Wall Street continued to profit. The CCP however has shown itself to be a trans-national criminal organization not worthy of engaging with, an organization which is determined to enslave its population rather than improving their lives. The final nail in the CCP coffin, however, was not the mistreatment of their people, not genocide, not organ harvesting, but the development and release of a biological weapon on the World. Greed might even have overlooked Genocide, but a biological war was a bridge too far, and this is how badly the CCP miscalculated.

If Italy, the nation which has been the most dedicated CCP-acolyte has reached this conclusion, we are certainly within reach of the complete decoupling and destruction of the Chinese Communist Party. 

Good riddance.


[1] “Italy Is Turning Away From the Chinese Communist Regime”, Pingping Yu, The Epoch Times, June 14, 2021