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The New York Times recently published an investigation report, stating that Apple had bowed its head to the Beijing authorities and stored the personal data of Chinese users in a data center managed by a Chinese state-owned enterprise, which was equivalent to handing over the data to the Chinese government. The investigative report also pointed out that, according to recently exposed court documents, the Chinese network authority requested Apple in 2018 to block the application launched by the wealthy Chinese man Miles Guo who was in exile in the United States. Apple executives subsequently decided to include Miles Guo, who has repeatedly exposed the insiders of the CCP, on Apple’s “China Sensitive List.”

The origin of the Guo Media APP, incident

After Guo Media APP, an app launched by Mr. Miles Guo, was successfully put on the shelves, Chinese officials contacted Apple for an explanation. In the early hours of the morning, the supervisor of Apple’s application review notified colleagues via email that none of Miles Guo’s applications could appear in the Chinese Apple app store. Apple then investigated the matter and dismissed the reviewer who has approved the app.

We list the timeline of the event here:

–At the beginning of 2018, Guo Media submitted an application for listing to the Apple app store. Soon after, the CCP asked Apple to reject the listing of Guo Media APP.

–On February 4, 2018, Apple’s manager sent a question to his colleagues via email: Is Miles Guo on Apple’s “CCP Sensitive List”? Guo Media APP, listing issues were submitted to Apple’s “executive review committee”.

–On February 19, 2018, the executive review committee decided that Miles Guo belonged to the CCP’s blacklist and added his name to the company’s internal: “Chinese app store delete wiki page”.

–In August 2018, Guo Media once again submitted an application for listing and made some modifications. Trieu Pham, an app reviewer, said that he did not find any content that violated Apple’s regulations. On August 2nd, he approved Guo Media APP to be put on the shelves of the Apple stores.

–In September 2018, Apple’s investigation report stated: Guo Media APP was put on the shelves because it did not follow the “concealed steps in China”;

The Apple administrator replied: This app has criticized the Chinese Communist government, which is enough to refuse its listing.

–6 months later, Apple fired Trieu Pham.

Apple has been bowing to Beijing for a long time

In order to comply with China’s 2017 “Cyber Security Law”, Apple agreed to deposit the personal data of Chinese users into servers managed by Chinese state-owned enterprises. The data center in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province is expected to be completed in June 2021, and Apple is also building a new data center in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. According to reports, Apple’s data center in China is actually controlled by government personnel. Apple agreed to store the digital keys that can unlock the personal information of Chinese users in these data centers, and abandon the encryption technology used by Apple in other data centers after China bans them.

In 2017, Apple agreed to transfer icloud to China (the CCP fully controls the server hardware), but there was a disagreement as to whether the keys should be stored on the servers in China or on the servers in the United States.

In June 2017, Apple reached an agreement with CCP officials to deliberately obfuscate the issue of where to put the keys.

In February 2018, 8 months later, the icloud keys was sent to China, which surprised at least two Apple executives involved in the negotiations.

Apple icloud is operated by “Guizhou on the Cloud”, circumventing the risks of US law. Apple employees stated that any encryption technology used by Apple in China must be approved by the CCP.

Apple has tried to isolate the Chinese servers from the rest of its iCloud network, according to the internal Apple documents reviewed by The New York Times. The Chinese network would be “established, managed, and monitored separately from all other networks, with no means of traversing to other networks out of country.” Two Apple engineers said the measure was to prevent security breaches in China from spreading to the rest of Apple’s data centers.”

Apple’s appeasement fuels Beijing’s arrogance

We have seen how Apple and its top managers lied in order to please the CCP, and how they systematically and procedurally helped the CCP to crack down on Mr. Miles Guo, the Whistleblower Movement, GTV and all those who dissent from the CCP. Apple, as well as Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc., these technology giants, under the threat and penetration of the CCP, in order to maximize their interests, all blended with the CCP, sold their souls and became the evil accomplices of the CCP.

The behavior of Apple and other companies reminds us of the British Prime Minister Chamberlain before World War II. Facing Germany‘s aggression, he stepped back again and again, imagining that the German fascists would be satisfied with their captured lands and interests, stop the aggression, stop destroying Europe and world peace, and lay down the butcher knife that killed the people. History tells us that the appeasement of Chamberlain fueled the arrogance of Hitler’s fascism and accelerated the advent of the Second World War. It also made the fascists much crazier and eventually suffered more thorough failures.

The world is now plunged into a biochemical unrestricted war frantically launched by the CCP. The CCP takes all the people in the world as its enemy, destroys human civilization, wants to conquer the world and let their evil forces enslave the people of the world. What they hate and fear the most is Mr. Miles Guo and the Whistleblower Movement, and what they fear the most is the truth about the CCP virus revealed by Dr. Limeng Yan.

Under the leadership of Mr. Miles Guo, we, the people of the New Federal State of China, are working hard together with the people in the world who insist on justice. We are relying on the truth media array: G-TV, Gnews and Getome, to expose the CCP’s evil face of anti-humanity and genocide, and to promote the eradication of the CCP.

We all know that the CCP is going to collapse soon, and the day when the 1.4 billion Chinese people rebuild a new China without the CCP is about to come.

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