Translated by Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) – YY & Antsee-GTV

Proofread by Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) – Liberte

1.The Chinese got used to the fact that only the officials can eat meat, and the poor can’t even look at it. Guo Dongfu roast chicken, meat pot pie, beef tongue pie, I have sold these in the past. At that time, selling roast chicken was the same as opening a five-star restaurant today. I didn’t make those roast chickens myself. My wife made them. When Lude came that day, it was the second time that my wife made this type of chicken.

2.If G-TV makes money, it is yours. If G-TV loses money, the loss is on me.  Value every share of G-TV stock. Let me repeat this three times. After July 4th, you will understand more and more. Value every share of the stock.  The difference between G-TV stock and the stock in China is the difference between cash and hell money. 

This fellow fighter, who owns a Ferrari 250, which is worth 30 million pounds (photo), is now negotiating to cooperate with G-Club. G-Club is going to run wild around the world. When these groups sign up for G-Club, G-TV will be introduced into these groups. As long as you sign up for one of the G-series, fellow fighters, you can lay flat. 

A well-known artist in mainland China drew a picture for me in 30 minutes. His painting expressed all my ideas. It was absolutely stunning. I told my idea to ‘CCP-to-end’ (a fellow fighter). He was awesome. He conveyed the idea in my heart. A particular family trust was shocked to see this. They still have a problem with me because I awarded the G-TV stocks to our engineers. They call me crazy. 

Both CNN and FOX will be sued. They will be in trouble. Then the only thing left is our Getter platform.

3.ALIPAY has a 100-person engineering team. Jack Ma bragged that with this team, he could develop anything. However, their payment system is not encrypted. Without the CCP, it is nothing. The China Banking Regulatory Commission alone can kick its ass. 

G-Payment can span several major continents. No one can crack the blockchain we use. Our system is perfect. The Himalaya Dollar is pegged to the US dollar. In the future, it will be pegged to other currencies. And its reserve system is pegged to gold.  ALIPAY engineers came to work for us. We have five teams working. Revenue of 11 billion looks like a lot of money now, but it will be a joke in the future. Just this photo alone shows our capabilities.

4.September 17th is the final deadline for the re-establishment of the G-TV company. Sign the confidentiality agreement quickly. We will start issuing the contract next week. You must hurry up. Otherwise, there might be unexpected events. The biggest value of Getter in the future is not advertising but code technology and Getter-Pay. If each person contributes 100 US dollars, 100 million users equals 10 billion in revenue.  We can achieve this goal without doing anything that sells our conscience. 

There will be new live broadcasting technology in the future. The power of live broadcasts is completely different. It will be connected to G-TV and Gnews, and then it will be connected to the Himalaya Reserve System. Definitely don’t underestimate G-Club. Its function is going to be big. Chinese people must not seek quick success and instant benefits. Hold onto your G-Club membership cards.

5.The white paper on the coronavirus is actually finished, but it takes more time to be transferred into Law. But, there is no need to rush. The strategy of holding the CCP accountable through the truth about the virus has achieved significant success. 

Just remember, please don’t get vaccinated, don’t get infected, and stay alive.  Now there is a group of people tracing the origin of the virus, for example, Dr. Lawrence Sellin.

In addition, so many senior officials are now afraid to stay in the US. The reason for this is the collusion between top US government officials and the CCP in covering up the truth.

The dictatorship is still so arrogant and ignorant before its final fall. Now the CCP is still playing tricks and telling stories. It’s even more stupid than an ancient Chinese tale describing how somebody plugged his own ears while stealing a bell, thinking that others would not hear the sound of the bell. 

So, let’s not be anxious. There are bad people in the “swamp” and corrupt government officials in the US. They want to cover up the truth. But, since they wish to be exposed to the world, then let them perform. The exposure of these people will be good for the New Federal State of China (NFSC).

To the media who cover up the truth about Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, disseminating rumors about us, and the bullies that act on behalf of the CCP overseas, let them be exposed. Some people joined the Whistleblower Movement for profit, let them be exposed.

I believe that ordinary people’s eyes are discerning, especially in the age of the Internet. The CCP is going to release more viruses, definitely. It’s just a matter of in which country, and whether it succeeds.

6.The Japanese were timid at first, but now they are screaming louder than anyone else because they feel threatened.

Fellow fighters should never be too greedy to imagine that overnight they can get dozens or even hundreds of times return on investment. Nothing can be that perfect, and then there must be imperfections. 2025 might be an appropriate time for the CCP to be ended.

Zeng Qinghong’s mother once said that the “Long March of the Red Army” is to escape, and we women are military prostitutes. When the Northwest Army entered Beijing, they stole the victory without any effort. Then the CCP wanted to enter Beijing and rob antiques.

When you cannot give love and a future to the one you are with, you should let go of her. Give her freedom and bless her. Possession is very narrow-minded. After the passion, life will return to the daily routine everybody needs to face.

The love between me and fellow fighters is like raising a child together — the mission to destroy the CCP and our G-Series. We cannot be like the nine-fingered demon Sara (VOG), eating, drinking, gambling, and cheating.

7.Many people who joined the Whistleblower Movement wanted to set up their own flag.

When they have a personal goal, first they attack the Himalaya Alliance Committee, and secondly, they do not talk about the NFSC and Whistleblower Movement. The NFSC and Whistleblower Movement must be like God over the heads of fellow fighters and cannot be blasphemed!

Whoever attacks us fellow fighters, I’ll PK (Player Kill) with him. Nobody can do that. This sprout must not be allowed to grow. The first two days, somebody complained about the NFSC’s events organized by Chang Dao Ge. So I said to him that we would no longer be in contact if he attacked Chang Dao Ge again.

Qi Ge Lao Mei, Ru Shui, these fellow fighters, when the building was empty, were still at work. Masha from Russia volunteered to work and did not attack any fellow fighter.

One fellow fighter was arrested when Dr. Yan’s plane took off. Another fellow fighter who helped Dr.Yan, a police officer, was fired and restricted from leaving Hong Kong. On that day -my lunar birthday – some of our fellow fighters were arrested. Others who did not get caught kept me informed. How could we forget them?

8.The money of the Rule of Law Foundation and the Rule of Law Society is donated by fellow fighters. Every penny is sacred. It is our faith.

We can read the hearts and minds of the Whistleblower Movement. I dare say I have never had a sip of water from any fellow fighter. Besides, I have provided so many opportunities to invest. I have a clear conscience.

My family paid the price with hundreds of billions of dollars. My entire family was ruined, but I cherished the process of destroying the CCP along with fellow fighters.

People who are shouting Long Live Lu De do not deserve to be our fellow fighters. We haven’t won yet. You have already been licking somebody’s ass. We strongly support the Lu De Media show, but we must treat all our fellow fighters equally.

9.The evil of the CCP lies in the dictatorship. That is, it is the only privileged class that occupies all the resources.

We want our enemies to be arrogant, but we want our fellow fighters to be devoid of ego. 

A crow that stands on a pig, shouldn’t just see the blackness of others and ignores his own blackness. In the Whistleblower Movement, we have to examine whether we have the CCP’s dross in us.

The Chinese people are indebted to the CCP no matter how much tax they pay because the CCP believes that everybody’s parents are inferior to itself.  The CCP once said to Jack Ma: “if it were not for the Chinese economic reform, how could you have achieved success?” You can verify my words.

The key for us is to have faith and to think about what we have. Never treat yourself as God, then you are close to destruction.

We indulged Sara (VOG). As a result, we embarrassed ourselves. She used the Whistleblower Movement to live a comfortable life. She must be sent to prison in any country.

She created fake contracts, fake documents, altered bank bills, cheated fellow fighters out of the money that could be invested in G-Series. Then she deceived our fellow fighters not only by having them write a will, but also their spiritual world. 

The fire that is destroying the CCP has been lit. It’s only a matter of time for the CCP to be destroyed.

All achievements should belong to the Whistleblower Movement and the NFSC but not to any individual. Rewards based on merit will never happen. There are no individuals here, only the collective.

Anybody who pursues fame and fortune is going to be disappointed. I’ve said it a thousand times. 

( Pray for blessings )

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