Author: billwilliam [G-Translators/Authentic Writing Team]
Editor: Shifter

Image source: Raw Story

During a hearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee on June 10, FBI Director Christopher Wray was questioned by Rep. Matt Gaetz over the FBI’s handling of intelligence pertaining to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Gaetz specifically mentioned Dr. Li-meng Yan, who was a virologist defecting to the US to expose the origin of the virus as an unrestricted bioweapon created by Communist China’s military. According to Gaetz, Dr. Yan brought her cellphone into the US, which contains WeChat messages since December 2019 between herself and director of China’s CDC, about the PLA’s involvement in the pandemic. Gaetz questioned Wray when he became aware of the FBI’s interaction with Dr. Yan and whether he reviewed the WeChat messages.

In response, Wray only offered a vague answer that he couldn’t comment on specific cases under investigation. But he did acknowledge the CCP poses counterintelligence threats in a variety of forms. When pressed by Gaetz whether Dr. Yan’s evidence can be counted as one of the threats, Wray again prevaricated that he couldn’t talk about specific cases.

Gaetz also revealed that an FBI agent arranged a 6-hour meeting between a scientist and Dr. Yan in New York on October 14, 2020. Gaezt asked Wray for details about the meeting and implications on the origin of the virus. Wray once again dodged the question and refused to give specific answers. According to Wray’s testimony, the intelligence community is divided over the origin of the coronavirus.

Gaetz lamented the CCP could never be held accountable if the intelligence community remains divided. He enjoined Wray to provide to the Judiciary Committee information about Dr. Yan’s evidence, the FBI’s scientific analysis, and the agency’s knowledge of the case—including the text messages in Dr. Yan’s cellphone, the PLA’s involvement in the pandemic, and the CCP’s coverup efforts.

Gaetz insinuated that the FBI didn’t take Dr. Yan’s evidence seriously. He showed the receipt that FBI agent Dana Murphy took away Dr. Yan’s cellphone. He reasoned that the FBI should conduct a thorough investigation because Dr. Yan’s cellphone contained crucial information about the origin of the virus. Afterall, it is rare for an FBI agent to fly from Los Angeles to New York to follow a Chinese whistleblower.

The American people deserve to know the truth about the origin of the virus. Any political game to dodge questions will only incite more distrust. Fortunately, President Joe Biden has ordered the intelligence community to investigate and submit a report on the virus within 90 days.

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