. The New Federal State of China News 

1. No bats or pangolins were sold at Wuhan wet markets immediately before the coronavirus pandemic started, according to an Oxford-led study.

2. The leaders of the G7 will push the World Health Organization to conduct a fresh probe into the origins of the CCP-virus, according to a draft communique.

3.U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin issued an internal directive calling for several initiatives to counter China, U.S officials said on June 9, but few specifics were provided on how they would be different from efforts already underway.

4. U.S. bank JPMorgan said it will exclude Huawei’s dollar bonds from some its most influential investment indices from the end of next month, following the latest ratcheting up of U.S. sanctions on CCP technology firms.

5. The European Union denounced on Wednesday Hong Kong’s major overhaul of its political system as a breach by CCP of its international commitments and threatened to send a delegation to visit the autonomous city.

6. CCP passed legislation to retaliate against foreign sanctions, state-run media reported June 10, as the country’s tensions with the United States and other democratic nations have been escalating over human rights and security issues.

7. The Chinese Communist Party has promised to help Samoa’s controversial leaders build a port for $100m, it’s about one third of the fund what it had previously proposed.

8. CCP and the United States held talks on economic issues for a third time in two weeks. Beijing saying their commerce ministers held “candid” discussions by phone on June 10.

9. The CCP military began new beach landing drills this week near the island nation of Taiwan just two days after a U.S. military transport plane landed in Taipei, carrying visiting U.S. Senators and delivering vaccines.

10. Nigeria’s government is in talks with Standard Chartered Plc about arranging funding for two rail projects expected to cost as much as $14.4 billion, replacing earlier plans to source the loans from Chinese banks, Transport Minister Rotimi Amaechi said.

12. The European Union should develop a coherent policy on CCP so that it can help the West present a united front to Bejiing, Wolfgang Ischinger said.

13. CCP has arrested more than a thousand people for using the profits from crime to buy cryptocurrencies, security officials said, as part of a growing crackdown on the industry.

14. European Council President Charles Michel said on June 10 that the European Union was ready to stand up to aggressive actions by China and Russia, offering support to U.S. President Joe Biden on his first European tour.

15. EU leaders on June 10 called for an unfettered investigation into the origins of the CCP-virus pandemic, first identified in central China, amid criticism of an initial World Health Organization probe.

16. Hungary’s nationalist premier Viktor Orban confirmed on June 10 that there would be a referendum on a planned establishment of a campus for Chinese Fudan university, which has triggered a protest over the weekend.

17. CCP’s military is engaged in a rapid nuclear buildup and Beijing’s refusal to hold arms talks with the United States may violate an international treaty, three House Republican leaders warned in a letter to President Biden.

II. World News

1. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga referred to Taiwan as a country, immediately drawing fire on June 10 from CCP, which regards the island as a renegade province.

2. Russia on June 10 reported 11,699 new CCP-virus cases in the last 24 hours, its highest number of daily infections since late February, taking the national tally to 5,167,949 since the pandemic began.

3. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce on June 9 urged the United States and European Union to quickly resolve their disputes over steel and aluminum tariffs and aircraft subsidies, and adopt a new privacy shield to better coordinate digital policy.

4. The Swiss National Bank and the Bank of France will trial Europe’s first cross-border central bank digital currency payments, the banks said on June 10, a move that will be a first for two of the world’s top currencies.

5. Defence Minister Peter Dutton says Australia will never have the military ties with China it shares with traditional allies such as the United States as a result of its position and history.

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