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This review of a few major domestic Chinese news articles, referred as hereafter [1],[2],[3] and [4], portrays a lack of assertive reciprocal action from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in this dynamic game playing out over three US Senators’ C-17 Air Force visit to Taiwan on June 6.  These have given away a tell of the CCP’s domestic preference to shift the focal point temporarily away from the militaristic fuse, and further confirmed by no mentioning of this Taiwan visit in the main CCP propaganda machine of (“China Daily”).

Regionally outside of China, most of article [5] and article [7] have covered the vaccine theme. However, article [6] on ZhaoBao, a popular Chinese newspaper in southeast Asia, which in the past had proclivity towards the CCP took a different and direct turn. It reminded us of the bellicose language last August, when GlobalTimes/Huan Qiu warned war would erupt in Taiwan strait if US military plane was to land and take off in Taiwan. Given that the three senators and entourage came on June 6 (a day reserved in remembrance of Normandy landings) on a US Air Force C-17 in broad daylight and pictures were taken by waiting photographers of all kinds circulated in many media outlets, any lack of broad and assertive response betrays the wimpy bravado. The US and freedom loving world has grown accustomed to having unveiled the cowardice of the CCP.

Interestingly, this ZhaoBao article skipped the 750,000 vaccine explanation and took the blatant hint of the strategic lift C-17 threat directly. C-40, a modified 737 has been a more commonly used alternative. The C-17 only first landed in South Korea this May. So this flight route to-and-from South Korean may imply an exploration of inter-operational nature.

Similar to what was reported in article [8] but uncommon in other news outlets, the ZhaoBao article uncharacteristically from its past reporting elaborated on Senator Duckworth personal family history in the pursuit of freedom from communist China, and her strong message of US unwavering support for Taiwan in “the pandemic and beyond.” This article also went above and beyond, and reported on the various netizen’s sarcastic responses towards the CCP from both straits. 

All in all, this ZhaoBao’s article was very comprehensive in presenting the events and various responses. However it was this depiction belying its past nature and hinting on a newly minted motivation captivated my interest the most. Is this just an outlier or beginning of many to come? To others, it may be the former. But to members of NFSC and WBM, we know it is the latter; we are certain of that.










Audio: [Broadcast] Chinese Media’s Reaction to Three US Senators’ C-17 Taiwan Visit

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