Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

Brothers and sisters, what does CCP has prepared for our first anniversary of New Federal State of China on the great day of June 3?

Bloomberg, which is Wang Qishan’s buddy, released a report to defame us

In less than three hours after the Bloomberg news was released,

the CCP announced that the Dalian court and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

would auction the securities on June 19th, which are owned by Founder Securities, and worth $10 billion in fact

The reason why CCP did this is to punish us for the first anniversary of New Federal State of China

There are 3 to 7 days of negative coverage in a row, all by the big media,

such as Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post. That’s what they want.

After days-long meeting, this is part of the 9 plans what Wang Qishan was going to conduct

Seeing fellow fighters on Lady May 2 yesterday, it really makes me feel too happy.

When did the Chinese people love and respect each other like this? Never!

To be honest, I was feeling so warm

The program on tomorrow will be absolutely wonderful. It can’t be missed. There is not a minute to spare

It’s a great day. It’s time to fight back against the CCP. 

There are more emails of Fauci to be exposed, not only 800. There are a lot of people in CCP who have relationship with Fauci, such as Gao Fu,

Hong Kong labs, WHO, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and the people who have been paid by CCP to cover up the truth, including the Chinese bigwigs.

Brothers and sisters, how many powerful groups are supporting us?

For the first anniversary on June 3, Wang Qishan conducted 9 plans.

But we will fight back with 900 plans. We will see.

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