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Mr. Navarro, an assistant to President Trump and trade advisor, spoke on the main Venue.

  1. I would like to praise and criticize two people each, one American and one Chinese. I want to praise Mr. Miles Guo and Mr. Bannon. Mr. Guo is a patriot from China, a billionaire, and I want to thank him for all that he has done for the Chinese people. The American I would like to praise is Mr.Bannon, the very tough time of the Trump presidential election, we won the great election in history together, while Bannon assisted Mr.Guo to destroy the evil CCP. The American I would like to criticize is Fauci, the Wuhan lab was funded with the Fauci’s financial support to build the CCP virus lab by using the American taxpayers’ money and allowed the CCP to develop the weaponization of the virus, his hands are stained with the blood of many people, and in 90 days he will be gone and held accountable. The Chinese I want to criticize is Xi Jinping, whether the virus leaked or not, he let it hit Wuhan and the whole world, this dictator covered up the truth through the WHO and let the flights fly to the world. We need to hold him accountable, he can no longer be a leader, Xi Jinping and Fauci must be held accountable for the crimes they committed.
  2. I salute everyone in the NFSC, exterminate the China Communist Party! We have 60 million hydroxychloroquine in storage, but we have no way to distribute the medicine to the Americans. Fauci is the Father of the coronavirus and he has blood on his hands. Dr. Yan is brilliant, she is my hero, she is very brave, and it is now confirmed that she is absolutely right. About hydroxychloroquine, this is one of the greatest tragedies, when Trump promoted this medicine to prevent, immediately suffered from the media attack; our reserves can at least save those who lost their lives, but Fauci stopped all this; after Fauci’s emails exposed, it was proved that Dr. Yan is right.

3. About how to appraise the NFSC, I would like to quote the words of the great dictator Mao Zedong, that is: the fire of a star can start a prairie fire, Mr.Guo ignited the fire of a star is to go to overthrow the CCP. The CCP lied, the Chinese died;the CCP lied, the Americans died. Thank you all.

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