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1. David: Today we are here in London to witness the history, we are the people of NFSC, we stand here to celebrate our first anniversary, I am here on behalf of my Fellow Fighters from London and Europe.

2. Our goal is to Take Down the CCP and wish our NFSC a happy first birthday.

3. The video made by our Fighters, those touching images and words, show our Fighters’ pursuit of faith and desire of freedom. We want to overthrow the China Communist Party with righteousness.

4. Live images: blue flags flying, buses with our NFSC’s logo passing through the streets, boats rowing through old Cambridge, Fighters of the Himalaya London Farm taking to the streets together to celebrate the first anniversary of the birth of NFSC. They are our most dear Fighters and our NFSC people! Proud of you, let’s Take Down the CCP together, looking forward to reunion in Pangu!

5. David: At a time when the pandemic is so severe, our Fellow Fighters can still hold such a large event is very touching, looking forward to more offline activities we will have. We applied for this march under all kinds of pressure, to infect the local people and Western politicians with our faith and righteousness, so that they will stop ignoring the facts; we are not afraid of anything with the cooperation of our Fighters today. The first time we marched, we were afraid to communicate with each other and with our masks on, after all we have been through, now we can take off our masks, share with each other and take pictures together, the westerners around us praise us, will listen to the truth about the virus and believe us, they respect us with the expression in their eyes, will anyone believe that this virus comes from nature? Today I call on all our Fighters to stand up and build the NFSC starting from every little step of every person. I wish the NFSC better and better, stronger and stronger, and destroy the Communist Party soon, we will win.

6. We have to influence the local residents with our truth, goodness , our back is Downing Street, our banner and voice appearing on the Thames, our goal is to let the MPs hear our voice. Our biggest difficulty is our timidity. I hope all our overseas compatriots stand up bravely, follow the Whistleblower Movement, follow Mr. Miles Guo, let’s start from the little ones.

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