Translated by Melbourne Athena Himalaya / Christine
Translated by Melbourne Athena Himalaya / Janyvo

1.  Mr. Guo:  A year after founding the New Federal State of China (NFSC), we were reunited with Haidong Hao and Zhaoying Ye.  I am pleased that we can celebrate our anniversary together again.  Over the past year, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus had killed so many people.   We also launched a massive campaign to eliminate the CCP, to take down the CCP with the “truth of the virus” with countless heroes joined our movement just like you.  When today, amid the world lockdown and collapse, because of the CCP virus, we cannot meet face to face, so as Mr. Haidong Hao said: “Taking down the CCP is a necessity in the name of justice. ”  On this special day, let’s come together to listen to your heartfelt words.

2.  Mr. Haidong Hao: At this moment, I am thrilled beyond words!  When I first contacted Brother Seven (Miles), I was very excited and was also impulsive.  Last year’s June 4th, we were very anxious, and yet very much looking forward to it.  Seeing Miles, Lude, and Dr. Yan, outstanding representatives of Chinese sons and daughters has made us feel stronger, and formidable when facing the imminent threats and oppression from the CCP.   Reading the “Declaration of the New Federal State of China” on June 4th was the greatest honor of our lives.  To be able to offer our Chinese nation a different future, the freedom, and dignity of faith, and realize the vision of growing up in a free environment, are beyond what words can express. The NFSC gives us dignity, vision, hope, and the future.  We have seen our development.  We have GTV, and Gnews forming our G series.  We will work with our fellow fighters to achieve what is said in the declaration, and a year later today we continue to say “No” to the CCP.  They have ruined so many people with the virus.  I witness so many fellow fighters stand united in the NFSC.  I also felt the recognition of the locals in my small town in Spain.  While the CCP virus is ravaging the world, let us continue to unite together to pursue our faith, and not to fear the threat from the CCP.  The CCP only has those insidious underhanded tricks to intimate and threaten others, and we should have no fear.

3.  Ms. Zhaoying Ye:  Yes, my family received a phone call from the CCP asking us not to go to New York for the anniversary celebration; otherwise, my daughter would not be able to go to school in the United States. The threat of kidnapping family members is just so low.  We want to tell them that we dare to stand up and say “No” to the CCP and that nothing can stop us from pursuing our faith and aspiring to live with more dignity.  It’s ridiculous that it matters so much to the CCP whether we can go to New York or not!  They are now opening up the three-child policy again.  All the policy was decided based on their impulse and liking but without any meaningful evaluation.  All of us have experienced such absurdity of the CCP.

4.  Hao Haidong:  This threat from the CCP is not the reason why we are not going.  It is the travel requirements during the pandemic that prevented us from making the trip.  Your threats are useless.  A year ago, we had already put life and death on the line.  What we have in our hearts is faith and a desire for the future, a desire to live with more dignity.  The CCP is basically at the end of its rope, unable to let its own people live better, and CCP soccer is the epitome of the CCP.  I also suffered from that.  The birth of my daughter was a breach of the single-child policy at the time.  So on the field, the audiences used to shout “Hao Haidong over birth”, and suddenly today the entire nation is champagning people to give birth to three children.

5.  Mr. Guo:   Anyone in the pursuit of their faith, save humanity and the pursuit of the NFSC, is driven for self-interest or fame, then that’s pseudo-justice.  When it comes to fame and wealth, the Haidong couple is the best example; also Dr. Yan gave up all the superior conditions to come forward;  Lude does two episodes of live broadcast daily to expose the CCP, we are clearly not for fame and wealth, there is no honor worthy high enough to match our fellow fighters.  Yesterday an admiral driver from an army sent me a message asking to keep Haidong Hao couple out of the camera for safety reasons.  I always appreciate you guys.   But I want to say that to be safe is to show your faces more frequently. 99% within the CCP system are our fellow fighters, and we want to liberate these people.  What we want to overthrow this evil system and liberate the whole Chinese people.  We are against genocide, especially with what’s happening in Tibet, Xinjiang, and Taiwan.  We are calling the CCP out!  We can all live better once the CCP is eradicated.  We shall not let our children and grandchildren continue to endure this.

6.  Mr. Lude:  Sitting here today, Mr. Guo represents the business community, Dr. Yan represents the scientific community, and the Haidong couple represents the sports community, all three of which the CCP cares about the most.  The fact that you can stand here means that the CCP’s brainwashing from childhood has completely failed.  The day before yesterday Xi specifically said in a meeting how to elevate China’s voice in the international arena, including the sports world.  But today, they saw all the top achievers of the three sectors came forward, and it was a fatal blow to the CCP psychologically. People in the business world will think I can’t be wealthier than Mr. Guo, the scientific world can’t be more powerful than the papers published by our scientist (Dr. Yan), and in the soccer world, there’s no one as outstanding as our Mr. Hao.

7.  Haidong Hao:  Why is the CCP doomed to perish?  I’ve been particularly familiar with the people of CCTV since I was a child, we were together in the eighties, and I’ve been on many programs.  I have been listening to the Lude program, clear logic, thorough analysis, not just following the book.  Whilst, the hosts of CCTV have no point of view or spirit.  We represent a spirit, including our fellow fighters, whose experiences and feelings cannot be felt by the CCP old mongrels, and those trained by the CCP are deemed to be defeated.  Why this bunch of CCP bastards cannot win?  As a teenager, I did stitches without any anesthetic and removed the stitches myself.  The CCP’s threats are useless to me.

8.  Mr. Lude:  Gansu province’s ultramarathon had caused so many tragic death.  Zhaoying Ye was once the organizer of the Beijing night marathon, climbed more than 7000 meters of Xinjiang Muzitag.  

9.  Ms. Zhaoying Ye:  The establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States is ping-pong diplomacy, which also uses sports, and we will use this to beat it.

10.  Mr. Haidong Hao:  We use our profession to beat other amateurs.  The practice in ”giving away the ball” (conceding points) is the dirtiest deal, and to sleep with each other,  to take money to play the match.  Others do not do this, fooling the people.  We have to tell people what real life is.  If Dr. Yan is studying in China, she may need to sleep with somebody, or else she couldn’t get her degree.

11.  Dr. LiMeng Yan:  Mr. Guo is already a billionaire, and Mr. and Mrs. Haidong Hao are already elites in the sports world, but we are all very ordinary people in general, doing what we like to do.  When I saw the truth about the Hong Kong movement and the virus, I decided I wanted to stand up for it.  Every fellow fighter should use their means to spread the truth, and the CCP’s propaganda is all about making us feel that some people are high up and the rest are ordinary people.  What I want to say is that, in fact, we all have the same power, regardless of our education, as long as we are given freedom and space we can do it.  As long as everyone can think freely, you will be able to distinguish the true from the false.  Now that the virus is here, if we don’t stand out, there will be no next generation to speak of, so we must stand out, and that’s what I want to share with you today.

12.  Mr. Guo:  Every Chinese can be like us, like the Haidong couple, Dr. Yan, Lude. Seeing our fellow fighters embracing together, shouting happily and freely, I am moved beyond words.

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