Author: Ruwei
Translator/Comments: Ana

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In 2012,Mr. Li Mou-Long, a native of Xiamen, China, purchased a 4cm long gun-shaped keychain from abroad via the internet and commissioned others to copy and sell it. In July 2018,Mr. Li was arrested by the Tiexi Branch of the Anshan City Public Security Bureau in Liaoning Province on suspicion of illegal trade in firearms. On 4 June 2021, the highly publicized “gun-shaped keychain” case was adjudicated at first instance by the Anshan Intermediate People’s Court in Liaoning Province. There were 15 defendants in the case, three of whom were sentenced to prison terms of three to four years each for the illegal manufacture, trade and mailing of firearms, while the remaining 12 persons were exonerated from criminal punishment, and a number of defendants appealed in court.


Although the case itself is ridiculous, what lies behind it is a microcosm of the miserable situation of the oppressed and enslaved Chinese common people. So sad that the people are powerless to resist in mainland of China.

Also the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is so stupid to use such a ridiculous and pathetic looking case to assert the power of the CCP to the Chinese common people. The intention is to create an effect of not allowing anyone to propose something that threatens the stability of the CCP, even if it means creating a key chain shaped like a pistol.

Why is the CCP stupid? Because the CCP’s sentencing of Mr. Li and others is so obviously unfair that the public dares not openly rebel against it, but in their hearts they must understand the evil of the CCP as a regime. Do not underestimate the intelligence of the people!

In fact, what the Chinese common people who do not have access to the worldwide internet, do not know is why the CCP chose June 4 to deliver the verdict in this case. It is because June 4 is the anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre. The Chinese Communist Party fears that people within China will hold similar democratic commemorations to those held in Hong Kong, or the CCP fears that the first anniversary of the founding of the New Federal State of China held by the Whistleblower Movement will ignite a spirit of rebellion among the people within the China and threaten the CCP regime in any way. So it chose June 4 to hold a trial on such a case, to intimidate the Chinese common people. But in fact, the opposite effect was achieved: the people would not be afraid, but they would further understand the evil and fear of the Chinese Communist Party’s regime.

The Chinese Communist Party has made countless enemies in the world, and it is trying to suppress the voices of New Federal State China and those of the people of Hong Kong in the world, especially on such a monumental day as June 4. But the CCP failed, it failed to pull off the GTV hack and a 14-hour commemorative event was successfully held at the World Trade Centre in New York.

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