Author: Sister Karamazov

Proofread by: HU TIAN

At around 9pm the 102nd floor of the World Trade Center in New York City, assistant to President Trump, Dr. Peter Navarro delivered a brilliant speech on NFSC one-year anniversary ceremony. In his speech, he praised two people – A Chinese and an American; and he damned two people – also a Chinese and an American. Unsurprisingly, the two people he praised are the founders of NFSC – Mr. Miles Guo and Mr. Steve Bannon. And the two people he damned are, of course, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Xi Jinping.

Dr. Navarro praised Mr. Miles Guo as the following: “I love Miles. To me, Miles is a great patriot to China. He reminds me a lot of Donald J Trump here in America – Miles is a billionaire, but he also has great empathy for the ‘deplorables’. So we all want to thank Miles Guo for everything he does for China and Chinese people.

Dr. Navarro praised Mr. Steve Bannon as the following: “I met Steve in the August of 2016, when he came to the Trump campaign at a difficult time, and together Donald Trump and Steve Bannon were able to go home stretch and pull off the greatest presidential victory in American history. And Steve, like Donald Trump, all he cares about is the mission and the American people. And he has done a great job supporting both America and helping Miles Guo to take down CCP.”

Dr. Navarro would like to first damn Dr. Anthony Fauci. Same as most of interviews, his background today is also a picture of Wuhan Institute of Virology. He said, “this is the house that Dr. Anthony Fauci built. Dr. Fauci is a top level official in NIH. What Fauci did is to provide American taxpayers dollars to fund research in this lab, and allow the weaponization of viruses to create this pandemic using gain-of-function. This weaponized virus was unleashed first among the Chinese in Wuhan, and then on the rest of the world. So Fauci has blood on his hands, the blood of Chinese people, American people, and the blood of millions of people around the world who had died at the hands of CCP virus! Fauci must go. I had predicted several weeks ago that he would be gone in 90 days. It must come soon and he must be held accountable for the crimes he had committed in terms of this. We’ve seen his emails, Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters, two heroes of this whole story, has uncovered the smoking gun that’s going to take Fauci down. So I damn Tony Fauci tonight in front of the world.”

The second person Dr. Navarro said he need to damn for causing this virus is the dictator if China – Xi Jinping, “Xi Jinping, regardless of whether you think the virus come from Wuhan lab or not, what Xi Jinping did as the dictator of China, after that virus escaped into Wuhan, he hid it from the world behind the shield of WHO for more than 60 days! While he locked down China, he allows hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationals to get on planes to fly to Milan, Tehran, New York, and to effectively seed and spread this awful virus that Tony Fauci helped to create, and thereby ensure the pandemic. Just like Fauci, Xi Jinping must be held accountable for his crimes. He must no longer be the leader of China, because he is leading communist China into the worst kind of abyss!”

In the end, Dr. Navarro saluted all the NFSC fighters, and said we must take down the CCP, we must bring Tony Fauci to Justice and he saluted to Mr. Steve Bannon and Mr. Miles Guo. Take care and let’s get it all done!

In addition, the moderator asked Dr. Navarro two questions:

The first one is regarding hydroxychloroquine (HCQ): the moderator asked Dr. Navarro: why do you think within CCP, they know how effective HCQ is, however, here in US, not many people know about it, or people don’t really widely spread that. Do you think that’s connected to CCP?

Dr. Navarro answered, “this is one of the greatest tragedies at my service at the white house. I was basically in charge of the Defense Production Act to protect the American people by getting them therapeutics like HCQ, vaccines and PPE. What happened here in America is as soon as president Trump was in favor of HCQ, the anti-Trump media immediately attacked him for this. The last thing they wanted the president to do is to be able to control the pandemic. I had 60 million tablets of HCQ to distribute to the American people, it was enough to treat 5 million Americans, and save anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 lives. I could not get that to the American people because of people like Tony Fauci! All I can blame CCP respect to HCQ is the fact that they infected us with the virus and they hid the research about the use of HCQ.”

At this time, Dr. Navarro praised Dr. Li-Meng Yan, “she’s really amazing. She showed me her research several months ago and she showed me how this virus is basically genetically engineered and it has all these characteristics, which couldn’t possibly come from nature. And now we know from the emails that Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters have uncovered, that Dr. Yan was ABSOLUTELY right.”

The second question is regarding the NFSC. The moderator asked Dr. Navarro: how do you view the New Federal State of China (NFSC)? And (how do you view) the NFSC people to represent the new Chinese people and establishing a peaceful coooperation and a prosperous relationship with the west?

Dr. Navarro answered, “let me quote the mass murderer Mao Zedong, ‘one spark can start a prairie fire’. So I see the new Federation with Miles Guo as the spark, that will start that prairie fire. And I believe when the fact becomes know that Xi Jinping created this pandemic and tried to hide it, that will the other spike that ignite this fire and take down the CCP! CCP lied, Americans died! CCP lied, Americans died!”

(The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s own)