8:30 pm EST, Dr. Limeng Yan left Mr. Guo’s home to come to the main site of the first anniversary of the New Federal State of China.   She was greeted with cheers, screams, and applause on her way to the lectern to give her speech.

Dr. Yan was wearing a silk black G- Fashion shirt which reflected her elegance, intelligence, and calm charm.  Dr. Yan spoke in fluent English about her experiences over the past year.  She talked about the day she first delivered the truth to the world about the Chinese Communist Party CCPF virus through Lude News Broadcast on January 19th, 2020.  She said from that day the various suppressions, threats, and smears from the CCP never stopped. The CCP used all kinds of unrestricted information warfare, and other despicable means to keep the world’s mainstream media from reporting the truth about her revelations on the truth of the CCP virus. When the western media interviewed Dr. Yan, they were also subjected to these same threats and disinformation campaigns.

Dr. Yan said the Chinese Communist Party went out of its way to influence the scientific community. The National Institute of Health (NIH) published a paper in a top scientific journal to support the claim that the CCP virus originated from nature.  They also used Dr. Anthony Fauci’s authority to stop then-President Trump from promoting hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure against the CCP virus.   Today after a year of efforts more and more people are understanding that the CCP virus was created as a biological weapon in a Chinese Communist Party lab.  The recent disclosure of thousands of emails between Dr. Fauci and Chinese Communist Party researchers has further emboldened the deliberate creation of this virus as a weapon. The mainstream media and the public have begun to wake up and Dr. Yan is often asked by the West, “Why did the Chinese Communist Party do this? What are their motives?”   It is true many people in the West cannot imagine the evil of the Chinese Communist Party, the so-called “goodness limits your imagination!”  Dr. Yan told the Western world that all the Communist Chinese Party wanted to do was to destroy the democratic society and economy of the West, and that they were murderers from the day they were born!

Even now the Chinese Communist Party is still instructing “Bat Women” Shi Zhengli to make up all kinds of fake origins about of the CCP virus.  They are trying to confuse the world, and make them believe the virus came from nature, they blame all kinds of animals, and hide their crimes. But Dr. Yan told the world that the truth will not be covered up. The Chinese Communist virus was man made in a lab built with a skeleton of various modifications, adding additional functions to deliberately create a biological weapon.  This type of research is not only performed in the Wuhan laboratory, but also in many other laboratories, military research institutions, and even the University of Hong Kong.  The Communist Chinese party also infiltrated The World Health Organization (WHO) and even some United States research institutions.

Dr. Yan concluded by saying, “I will continue to fight until the end of the Chinese Communist Party!” Mr. Bannon then went on stage to give Dr. Yan a long warm hug, and to all praise Dr. Yan: she is the hero of the Chinese people, the American people and even the entire world”.

Dr. Yan’s courage moved many to tears.   Dr. Yan with her small presence presented a most beautiful and noble image of a Chinese citizen.  She portrays that the Chinese people and the Chinese Communist Party are not the same thing, that Chinese people are kind and can be trusted friends to the world.

Take down the CCP! 

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Author: April on Earth

Translator: Iceland

Photo: Jungfra

posted by: Hakunamatata