On the afternoon of June 3rd, on the 102nd floor of the World Trade Center in New York City, General Michael Flynn and Chinese people joined to celebrate the first anniversary of the founding of the New Federal State of China. The room was filled with applause while he was introduced by Mr. Bannon.

When general Flynn walked on stage, he said, “We are going to win, we are going to win.” He believed that the CCP would be eliminated by the joint force of the Chinese people of the New Federal State of China and the American people. 

“I am on a mission, across the United States of the America to not let this country go the way it is going right now. We are in a major transition period in the history of the United States of America,” general Flynn said, “as long as I breath, what I call the fresh air of liberty, the fresh air of freedom, as long as I breath that fresh air, I am not goanna to allow this country to go the way to Socialism, Marxism, or communism.” These words spoken from his heart stirred great echoes from the people present, the majority of whom are Chinese American. They care for not only the well-being of the Chinese people living in communist China, but they also care about the future of America. They have experienced and witnessed many evildoings of the CCP as well as the freedom, liberty, and just laws in America. Deep down in their hearts, none of them want to live under the control of the CCP again in America. They want to protect America’s freedom, liberty, and just laws together with patriots of America.

General Flynn told his audience that he knows how much they care about the future of their children. He also told these people that the American Constitution gives the American people the ability to be free and a life that they want to have. “The Constitution is a fulfillment of the promises found in those freedoms, in those Bill of Rights, in those values, in those principles that we have.” The general proclaims that the American Constitution is the foundation for America’s freedom and prosperity.

General Flynn pointed out that there is a big revival going on in America. He mentioned that he knows what the “hundred-year plan” is. In addition, he said that President Trump has won the 2021 election. The moment he said he is an ally of the citizens of the New federal State of China, his audience stood up and fiercely applauded.  Their applause signifies that the Chinese people of the New Federal State of China desire to work with the American patriots to take down the CCP!

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