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On May 20th, 2021, Yu Xueyong (hereafter referred to as “Yu Interim”), Chargé d’affaires ad interim of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Embassy in Maldives, issued an article in the Maldivian News Network entitled, “Xinjiang is a Good Place,” to whitewash the CCP’s genocide in Xinjiang. The Chinese Foreign Ministry then republished the full article immediately. 

Before discussing the article, let’s learn what “Chargé d’affaires ad interim” is.  According to the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the CCP, “Chargé d’affaires ad interim is a member of the diplomatic staff who temporarily acts as the head of the embassy when the head of the embassy is on holiday, resign, or is unable to visit the embassy for any reason. It is not a rank of diplomatic representative …….The appointment of a diplomat as chargé d’affaires ad interim is not subject to the prior consent of the country of residence.”

From this we can see that the Chargé d’affaires ad interim is not a rank of diplomatic representative and its status in foreign affairs is insignificant. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs may not be strong enough to use an article issued by such a staff member to whitewash their crimes against Xinjiang.

In this article, Yu Interim describes Xinjiang in a way that highly praises the CCP and completely reverts black and white, which paraphrases what Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi has said: “A bunch of nonsense!” Let’s expose the lies in this article one by one.

1. Yu Interim said that, “the sustained economic and social development of the Xinjiang region in recent years has brought a sense of gain, happiness, and security to the local people.” He also cited a series of CCP’s figures of Xinjiang, including GDP, the number of households lifted out of poverty, health insurance coverage, etc., to prove that all achievements are “attributed to the leadership of the CCP and to the long-standing smooth implementation of the regional ethnic autonomy system and the CCP’s strategy for governing Xinjiang ……”

First of all, the CCP’s figures are always fake and totally untrustworthy; secondly, even if these figures are true, they should be attributed to the hard work of the Xinjiang people instead of the CCP because no political party in the world creates wealth. The real wealth is created by the people. The political party uses the wealth created by the people for the welfare of the people. Isn’t this what any responsible government should and must do, so why should the credit be given to the party? Yu Interim clearly took up the CCP’s brainwashing methods to fool people and create a false illusion that without the CCP there would be no happiness and joy for the people of Xinjiang. His propaganda painting the picture of the relationship between the Party and the people is totally upside down.

2. Yu Interim said that, “Since 1990 to the end of 2016, thousands of violent terrorist incidents have occurred in Xinjiang, causing great pain and suffering to people of all ethnic groups, with the 2009 Urumqi riot alone causing 197 deaths and more than 1,700 injuries. In recent years, the local government has taken resolute and strong measures to combat terrorism, extremism, and separatism and achieved substantial progress and significant results, enabling the local people to enjoy peace and tranquility again. Isn’t this the greatest human right for the local people? Shouldn’t the efforts made by the Chinese (Communist) government to maintain and develop the human rights of the people in the Xinjiang region deserve the respect and appreciation of the international community?”

I really admire Yu Interim’s face of reversing black and white and shamelessness.”Terrorism, extremism, and separatism” are the CCP itself and the blame for the deaths, injuries, and sufferings of the people of Xinjiang should be placed on the CCP, not on the people of Xinjiang. How dare Yu Interim talks about “human rights,” when the CCP has put the people of Xinjiang in concentration camps, brutalized Xinjiang Uyghurs and forced them to marry and give birth with Han nationalities? How can the international community appreciate and respect such an evil government? The CCP is too accustomed to catching thieves in the act. 

3. Yu Interim said that, “No matter how ‘genocide’ and ‘forced labor’ are labeled, they cannot be put on the heads of the Chinese.”

This is another trick to try to steal the concept. The world media has been reporting on the CCP’s “genocide” and “forced labor” in Xinjiang, but never says that “the Chinese people” have committed these acts. Yu Interim is an accomplice to the CCP in its attempt to kidnap the Chinese people and bury them alongside the CCP. Now most of the world has reached a consensus that “the CCP is not equal to the Chinese people.” If the CCP dares to muddy the waters on this issue, in the words of Chairman Xi Jinping, “the Chinese people will never agree.”

4. Yu Interim said, “How can we explain that cotton cultivation in Xinjiang has been 100% mechanized, the cotton mechanical picking rate has reached 69.83%, and the people are voluntarily engaged in cotton picking and enjoying the lucrative rewards of their labor?”

What exactly is the mechanical picking rate of cotton in Xinjiang? This has been clearly pointed out in the third episode of the seven probes of cotton picking video  program called, “Focus on Three Agricultures-Why the Cotton Picking Machine Encountered Embarrassment,” which was broadcasted on the agricultural rural channel of CCP official media CCTV-17 on November 25th, 2015 (about 11 minutes and 20 seconds).

In the video, it is said that due to excessive impurities and poor quality of the machine-picked cotton, cotton mechanical picking rate in 2015 dropped from 80% to less than 50%, and is in continuous decline. This is announced by the official media of the CCP itself. Yu Interim simply hit himself in the  face.

At the end of the video, it is noted that to solve this problem, new cotton seeds need to be cultivated, but this can not be solved overnight. The reason why the CCP can deny the “forced labor” is because the CCP uses military control (construction corps) to coerce people in Xinjiang to pick cotton in the name of poverty alleviation and training, which is a typical human rights violation.

5. Yu Interim said that, “The atrocities committed by certain countries during World War II are the “genocide” and “forced labor,” which have become the darkest pages of modern human history. It is obvious that if these Western countries and media are not ignorant and arrogant, they are pretending to be confused and trying to create such sensationalist rumors and lies as so-called ‘genocide’ and ‘forced labor’ to achieve the purpose of using Xinjiang to disrupt China, control China, and contain the Chinese (Communist) state.” 

The CCP always brainwash the Chinese people into thinking that “the desire of the imperialism to kill us will never die.” Yu Interim, this time, uses the same argument to sarcastically criticize the Western countries as anti-China forces. He completely ignores the factual basis and show us a rogue’s face.

6. Yu Interim said that, “In fact, recently there are more and more objective and fair voices on Xinjiang in the international arena. For example, the U.S. independent news websites ‘Gray Zone’ and ‘World Press Syndicate,’ the media in Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Sweden and other countries, as well as the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong, have published articles pointing out the so-called ‘forced labor’ and ‘racial discrimination’ in Xinjiang are pure nonsense, disclosing the double standards of the United States and other Western countries on the issue of counter-terrorism and the geopolitical conspiracy of ‘controlling China with Xinjiang.”

Yu Interim only seized a few media outlets paid by the CCP to whitewash the CCP’s “genocide” and “forced labor,” while not mentioning a word about the declarations of other countries. The U.S., Canadian, Dutch, British, and Lithuanian have all declared the serious and systematic violations committed by the CCP government against the Uyghurs in Xinjiang to be “genocide.” On May 26th, even Italy, the first country to join the “One Belt and One Road,” announced that it would, “express its strongest condemnation of all human rights violations committed by the CCP against ethnic or religious minorities,” and called on the Communist Party to allow the UN High Commissioner to enter the Xinjiang “re-education” camp to conduct an independent investigation.

So, why did Yu Interim not mention these? Isn’t there a “double standard”?

7. Finally, Yu Interim said, “Xinjiang is a good place. I sincerely welcome friends from the Maldives to enter Xinjiang, to feel Xinjiang, to personally appreciate its unique human history, see beautiful mountains and rivers and development achievements, to understand a real Xinjiang and a developing China (Communist Party).”

Xinjiang is indeed a great place, but only when we face up to history and reality, stop cajoling the world with lies, stop ruling innocent people with evil, and stop hurting people around the world, will we return the truth to history.

No matter how the CCP cover up the truth, they will definitely be punished for what they have done to the Xinjiang people and be nailed to the pillar of shame in history.

The truth may be late, but it is never absent.

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