On May 31st, according to Joe Hoft’s exclusive report on The Gateway Pundit,  a critical PLA biowarfare officer had mapped out the virus transmission scheme to the U.S. five years ago. This proved that COVID-19 is just a dedicated bioweapon, mainly targeting the U.S. from the CCP-PLA, who tried to replace the U.S. and dominate the world, just like what they’re doing in China now.

The design of COVID-19 was based on a series of bioweapon features, such as being highly contagious, having low lethality, and a high rate of asymptomatic transmission. Another important core feature of a PLA bioweapon is disguising its origin, which gives the capability of avoiding responsibility for a biowarfare attack by designing a virus that could potentially be blamed on a nature.

Changjun Wang, a high ranking officer in the PLA’s Eastern Theater Command headquartered in Nanjing, took the lead to get the bat coronaviruses ZC45 and ZXC21 isolated completely from Zhoushan bats, both ZC45 and ZXC21 are just the backbones for the creation of COVID-19, that were identified by Dr. Yan. 

Changjun Wang was part of the militarization management team, which was lead by Major General Chen Wei, who was presumed as the head of the CCP’s biowarfare program. He also took control of the “clean up” operation in Wuhan after local authorities lost control of the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020. Presumably, at that time, Changjun Wang was from the PLA Eastern Theater Command and outside of the PLA Central Theater Command which only had jurisdiction over Wuhan, so we can comprehend how he is so critical and so important for the PLA. He is especially critical to the CCP-PLA’s biowarfare program, and was awarded the “National Medal of Honor” for his role connected to COVID-19 by the CCP leader, Xi Jinping, in September 2020.

Changjun Wang was not only interested in bat coronaviruses that could infect humans, but also how viral respiratory infections spread, especially by asymptomatic transmission. Simultaneously, he also extensively studied adenovirus respiratory infections among PLA soldiers, as early as in 2016. He created epidemiological models to simulate how the virus would spread from China to the U.S., a typical virtual exercise drill to prepare for the coming unrestricted biowarfare, that is now addressed as COVID-19. 

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EXCLUSIVE: In 2016, a Chinese Military Officer, Key to COVID-19’s Origin, Mapped Virus Spread to the U.S.

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