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Recently, in order to evade its responsibility, the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”) launched a misinformation war against the true origin of COVID-19. CCP media published an article “Ten Questions for the United States”, claiming that the COVID-19 virus was “made in the United States”. It is worth noting that much of the material in the article “Ten Questions for the United States” are obtained from the Chinese domestic media. Their arguments lack solid supporting evidences and are logically untenable.

We have reasons and evidence to believe that the COVID-19 virus was a biological weapon developed and intentionally released by the CCP. Below are our questions for the CCP.

  1. First, why did Dr. Zhengli Shi want to study gain-of-function research on new coronavirus targeting human? As a internationally renowned virologist, she should be well aware that such research may violate the international Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) treaty, commonly known as The Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on their Destruction.
  2. Why did the Hubei and Gansu provinces hold a new coronavirus prevention exercise before the Wuhan International Military Games? Chinese media reported that the virus was a Novel Coronavirus. Is this coincidence or foreknowledge?
  3. The first case of new coronavirus infection was found in Wuhan in November 2019. Until January 2020 we kept hiding the epidemic situation and took various methods to prevent the leakage of epidemic information? Worried about what if the outside world knows?
  4. Why did the Chinese National Health Council ban the detection of new coronavirus strains in Wuhan and purposely destruct the existing samples? To help the U.S. military to destroy evidence?
  5. Why did our government cover up Patient Zero? Is it so difficult to locate a person with name and hospital registration in China where any private information is censored? What secret did the CCP want to hide?
  6. Shortly after the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, several famed virologists, who had been working closely with Wuhan Institute of Virology, coincidentally died of unexpected heart attack, a few months apart.
  7. Why did the CCP refuse US experts’ investigation and assistance? What were they worrying about?
  8. Why did the CCP military take control over Wuhan Institute of Virology in Feb 2020? What is the relationship between the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the CCP military?
  9. If the CCP believed that U.S. military made and released the virus to Wuhan, why did the CCP keep secret for the U.S. for such a long time?
  10. CCP should immediately organize a transparent investigation, collect the evidence, submit it to the WHO, and file a lawsuit against the United States. What is the CCP hesitating about?
  11. If the CCP believed the virus originated in the U.S., the government should first ban the travel from U.S. to China, evacuate overseas Chinese and close embassies and consulates. But, what we saw was the rest of the world ban the travel from China. Why did the CCP blame U.S. government for creating panic when U.S. adopted national quarantine measures?
  12. If the CCP believed that the U.S. soldiers are responsible for releasing virus during Wuhan Military Games, why should the CCP accuse bats, pangolins and the Huanan seafood market?
  13. If the CCP believed that the U.S. military is involved in the releasing virus, why did Ambassador Cui immediately change his tune after the U.S. summoned him? Chinese official media and Ambassador Cui then publicly refute the theory that the U.S. military has poisoned them? Do they all work for America?

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