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In his broadcast on May 30, Mr. Miles Guo dropped the bombshell that another Chinese defector, who is allegedly a general, testified at the hearing for ratification of the EU-China Comprehensive Investment Agreement (ECCI Agreement) with video, audio and document evidence to expose horrific details about the CCP’s bioweapon program. His testimony is the direct cause of the European Commission’s decision to suspend, or more precisely, freeze the ECCI Agreement.

Warnings from the Chinese defector

According to Mr. Guo’s revelations about the defector’s testimony, the CCP had planned to release coronavirus to stop the pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong. Their first trial in Guangzhou fizzled. Then they targeted the Military World Games in Wuhan in October 2019 but it did not bear fruit either. Finally, they decided to discharged the virus at the famous Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan and plunged the world into this unprecedented pandemic.

More stunningly, the defector said the CCP has more than 1000 types/variants of coronavirus and another more virulent virus in stock. Most importantly, he warned that India, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand, and Brazil are the next targets for the CCP’s unrestricted biological attacks and that if another outbreak happens in the U.S., it may expose one-third of its population to the risk of death.

Biological Attack on Taiwan

In fact, the CCP probably has already effected the attacks on India and Taiwan. I elaborated on some suspicious points about the new wave in India in my GNews report Is India’s Second Wave of Pandemic the Result of Another Biological Attack by the CCP? and the outbreak in Taiwan is no better.

(Figure 1 from JHU CSSE COVID-19 Data)

As shown in Figure 1, the new cases rocketed abruptly from 7 on May 11 to 723 on May 22. According to BBC’s report on May 12, the outbreak could be traced back to the end of April when a handful of China Airlines pilots who had contracted the UK variant B.1.1.7 caused a cluster infection at a Novotel near Taoyuan Airport. The virus then spread to the communities, particularly, through the “tea houses”, some adult entertainment venues.

At first glance, this outbreak appears to be accidental, as BBC implied, a result of Taiwan people’s complacency about the success in keeping the virus at bay. However, the BBC report also mentioned that every day, new cases from unknown sources were reported in different cities and counties in the north of Taiwan.

Moreover, the most populous and most economically and politically important region composed of Taipei and New Taipei Cities has suffered the hardest hit, with its aggregate accumulated cases accounting for 85% of the total cases in Taiwan. The most noteworthy is that although the alert level for this region was raised to Level 3 on May 15, which basically means it was locked down, the number of new local cases continued to surge and then hovered around 500 for 11 days before dipping below 400 on May 27. I am no expert in analyzing the natural growth pattern of new cases originating from one cluster infection, but this pattern does not seem reasonable to me to justify the single-source theory. Can you believe a single cluster infection could have led to infection of more than 5500 people in half a month?

(Figure 2 from

Mr. Guo unmasked in his broadcast that some Taiwanese with business in Mainland China, including some showbiz artists, were forced to help spread the virus in Taiwan. A virus-discharging operation carried out by CCP agents in collaboration with some Taiwanese traitors seems like a more plausible explanation for this outbreak.

In the past few months, the CCP has been threatening to reunite Taiwan by force, dispatching frequent sorties of fighter jets to harass Taiwan’s air defense identification zone. However, we also see the U.S. and its allies substantially strengthen their military presence in the South China Sea over the same period.

Furthermore, according to thejapantimes report on May 21, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi “agreed during their recent meeting in Tokyo to closely cooperate in the event of a military clash between China and Taiwan”. Reuters reported on May 28 that the new British aircraft carrier will sail through the South China Sea to send a signal to Beijing that the U.K. will have a more persistent presence in this region.

With such strong military deterrence from the U.S. and its allies, the CCP may balk at militarily invading Taiwan and resort to unrestricted biological attack to sabotage its economy and stir up unrest in its society. If this is the case, it would be a rather challenging task for the Taiwanese government to contain this new wave of infections.

Potential Attacks on Australia and New Zealand

If Australia and New Zealand are the next targets, the CCP will probably use the playbook for Taiwan for these attacks because both countries are isolated by waters and have done pretty well in containing the virus just like Taiwan. We have to remember that a prominent feature of the CCP’’s unrestricted biological attack is its being disguised as an accidental occurrence to avoid the perpetrator getting caught and held accountable.

In fact, the outbreak in Melbourne last week bears a strong resemblance to what happened in Taiwan. According to RNZ’s report on May 27, the first case was identified as a Wollert man who “likely contracted the virus through aerosol transmission in an Adelaide quarantine hotel” and one or a few of contracted people soon spread the virus of concern, that is the Indian variant B.1.617, to a lot of “exposure sites” to engender exponential growth in potential contacts, making it extremely difficult to do the contact tracing and investigate the virus releasing operations, if any. Most interestingly, the local authorities “are still searching for the missing link that connects the outbreak to the Wollert man”.

If the Australian government does not take effective measures to uproot the network of CCP agents lurking in the local communities, a new wave of infections may sweep across the landmass sooner or later.

We have also got intelligence that the CCP may set off an outbreak in the South Island of New Zealand as a warning to the kiwi government to deter it from changing its soft stance with the CCP, but they may change their plan and attack the North Island instead.

Anyway, if this happens, it will probably follow the playbook for Taiwan, starting from an infection from a quarantine venue to establish the imported source, and then spreading to some populous public sites with large traffic to shield the virus releasing actions from investigation and impede the contact tracing process.

The intelligence agencies of the two governments probably have got this information and prepared countermeasures for the attacks. We hope the local peoples, particularly our fellow fighters, will remain vigilant.

Potential Attacks on the U.S., Japan, and Brazil

Although we don’t have intelligence about how the CCP will execute its attacks on the U.S., Japan, and Brazil I think India can serve as a good example.

The playbook for India involves a more infectious and virulent variant spreading one to two months before some events that entail large gatherings and extensive movements of people. Then for these three countries, the candidate variant could be something like the new variant detected in Vietnam last Saturday, which is a hybrid of the Indian and UK variants and can spread quickly in the air, or something more dangerous.

When it comes to the U.S., as a large portion of Americans have been vaccinated, the CCP may even used a variant that particularly target those vaccinated, such as one that can trigger the ADE effect or other severe symptoms in those vaccinated with mRNA vaccines.

The evilness of the CCP is beyond our imagination. Now the CCP has come to the time when its survival and its dream of dominating the world hinge on the success of the biological war it has waged on the world. In the vision of its delusional leader, Xi Jinpin, once these countries succumb to the virus, all the imminent threats to the regime will be dissolved, the pivot of the world economy will gradually shift to China, and Emperor Xi will be recorded in history as the greatest communist leader who brings the western democracies to their knees and lift China to status of the number one superpower – We should never let this happen.


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