On May 29th, according to Ian Birrell’s report on The Daily Mail, an inadvertent mistake by a leading Chinese official may have disclosed the name, address, and details about one of the first people suspected of being infected with Covid-19 in Wuhan, three weeks before Beijing authorities claimed they detected the initial case. 

These clues were discovered by Gilles Demaneuf, a member of the ‘Drastic’ group of online digital activists who have uncovered many of the facts seen as contradicting to the official Chinese narrative that Covid-19 was a disease that crossed over naturally from animals.

The astonishing error emerged as the result of an interview given to a Chinese medical journal, Health Times, by Yu Chuanhua, Professor of Biostatistics at Wuhan University, and data scientist tasked with compiling the country’s official data on cases. 

Professor Yu told Health Times that he had 47,000 cases on his national database of confirmed and suspected cases by late February 2020, included one suspected fatality of a patient who fell ill on September 29th, 2019. In the meantime, a screen-grab was sent to Health Times, which shows a 61-year-old woman, known as ‘Patient Su’. 

The data shows that Patient Su has not undergone nucleic testing and the clinical diagnosis is a suspected case. The patient has died. The data has not been confirmed, personal details were blurred out, but some were visible, including the hospital name and home district.

Patient Su lived about a mile from one of the city’s main coronavirus research labs, close to a stop for the high-speed railway that is believed to have played a key role in spreading the virus around the city of 11 million people.

It showed Patient Su was treated at Rongjun Hospital in Wuhan and, given the building and street numbers, almost certainly lived in the Kaile Guiyan community on Zhuodaoquan Street, about 600 meters from the medical center.

Both the hospital and her residence are in the Hongshan district near where much of the bat-related coronavirus research was taking place in several laboratories. This would include a laboratory a little more than one mile away, run by China’s CDC with the second-highest global levels of biosecurity, while downtown sites that are run by Wuhan Institute of Virology are less than three miles away.

The area where Patient Su lived and was treated is more than 13 miles from the Huanan market originally blamed by Beijing as the source of Covid-19 and which was rapidly cleaned up after Taiwan notified the WHO about the emerging crisis. 

Professor Yu’s interview with Health Times took place on the day China’s health authorities issued a silencing gag on the novel coronavirus as President Xi Jinping tried to regain control of the situation.  Yu notified the journalist within two days to retract this information, claiming the dates had been entered incorrectly and all the other suspected cases before December 8th needed verification.

This case also had been concurred with Demaneuf, a French data scientist who works for a New Zealand bank. He pinpointed the exact same name, age, and address of a very early suspected case nearly one month before the official first case. That address is right next to the subway line number 2, and also not far from a PLA hospital that treated some of the other earliest cases. This subway carries a million people a day and connects the wet market, WIV, and an international airport.

It’s too bad that ‘Patient Zero’ has not been in the public eye until now, over one and half years into the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. In different circumstances, the world could have quickly found the initial strain and the real virus origin based on ‘Patient Zero,’ to develop a real and functioning vaccine and medicine to stop the pandemic, sparing the lives of so many. But the CCP keeps doing everything in their power to cover up the COVID-19 truth, including the withholding of information about ‘Patient Zero,’ as this is their means to control the world!

Patient Su is likely, ‘Patient Zero,’ otherwise, why did China’s health authorities immediately issue a silencing gag about the novel coronavirus on the same day as Professor Yu’s inadvertent babble during the interview with Health Times?  Why did Professor Yu call the journalist to retract this information? It make no sense for Professor Yu to claim the dates had been entered incorrectly and claim that all the other suspected cases before December 8th needed verification if Patient Su was just a common case. Why had the authorities blurred out the personal details of Patient Su if she got sick with an ordinary illness, followed by a normal fatality? The answer: the CCP was scared that the world would ask for the initial strain and virus gene sequence data, so their conspiracy of unrestricted biowarfare will be revealed completely! 

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