Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

One of the rescued fellow fighters and their family members are going to go to Europe

They are cooperating with the European intelligence services in providing more evidence.

What is being provided? A lot of video evidence of scientists and the military doing experiment to produce the virus. This is Huge.

Official documents from inner CCP or labs are also provided

which is the reason why Fauci changed his tune

The Wall Street Journal is also raising questions about the origin of the virus now. 

All these things indicate that the virus was actually being released by the end of 2019.

But it was unsuccessful in releasing the virus, which killed its own people. 

We’ve got absolutely accurate intelligence that none of high-ranking CCP cadres has been vaccinated.

And the fellow fighter does not believe that any American senior officershas been vaccinated either. Never get yourself vaccinated.

The fellow fighter clearly says that CCP has more viruses ready for the world next.

He says that CCP is doing its best to worsen the pandemic from all angles, including economy,the stock market, and the foreign exchange rate.

And he is fully convinced that the virus outbreak in India is a systematic and plannedretaliation for a mini-war between India and the CCP on the border

It is also strategic to control Asia absolutely

CCP doesn’t allow any challenge to it in Asia like India, Japan, etc. 

Those who urge others get vaccinated don’t vaccinate themselves,

and they don’t let their family get vaccinated either. It’s ridiculous.

American prisoners can get their prison sentence reduced if they get vaccinated

The CCP is now demanding that by the end of July or the beginning of August,

China must achieve a 90% vaccine coverage rate. What does this mean? Go check it out.

How much money the vaccine manufacturers earn? Tens of billions, or hundreds of billions. These manufacturers ostensibly belong to some people like Charoen Pokphand Group or Guo Guangchang

But who is the boss behind it? I tell you. None of these vaccine manufacturers is privately owned

They all belong to some of the 200 CCP highest families.

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