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In the past two weeks, SARS-COV-2 being the CCP’s unrestricted bioweapon has become a hot topic on the Indian media. It seems that now is about time for us to unveil the next equally controversial topic.

Mr. Miles Guo implied in his broadcast quite some time ago that the second wave of infections in India was the result of a targeted attack by the CCP. You may consider this another delusional conspiracy theory. While his warning is based on intelligence, I would like to use some analysis and reasoning to argue for its rationality here.

Outbreak of COVID-19 in China

In her interview with CNN India on May 29, Dr. Li-Meng Yan said according to the evidence and intelligence she had got, the virus was not from “a lab leak by accident” but intentionally brought out of the bio-safety lab in Wuhan for trials in the community, and finally got out of control. She added the CCP then allowed the virus to spread to the world for their benefits.

We have always believed that SARS-COV-2 was deliberately released by the CCP because otherwise, in such a highly surveilled society, there is no way that the virus could have caused a pandemic. Even when the community trials went awry, if the CCP had no intention to make capital of the incident, it would be easy for the local government to take draconian measures to contain it.

However, no timely containment measures had been taken. Instead, the authority suppressed all the so-called rumors about the SARS-like disease and punished the whistleblowers even though the annual mass migration of people for the Chinese Spring festival had already kicked in. But for Dr. Yan’s revelations about the outbreak and the virus through Lude Media on January 19, the CCP would not have admitted that a highly infectious disease had broken out in China.

Actually, as Mr. Guo mentioned many times in his broadcasts, the CCP had been biding its time for years to kick off the Pandora’s Box Plan to conquer the world through unrestricted biological warfare. The timing of the outbreak before the Spring Festival was intended to accelerate the spread of the virus and prepare more human fodder for its biological canons. Unfortunately for the CCP, Dr. Yan answered the call of her conscience and threw a wrench in its plan.

New Wave of Pandemic in India

Now, let’s look at the new wave of infections in India to which an important contributor is the new double-mutant variant B.1.617, now known as the Indian variant. According to Reuters’s report on May 1, this variant was first detected in February by the Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genetics Consortium, or INSACOG, which shared their findings with the health ministry’s National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) before March 10.

INSACOG’s draft statement revealed two mutations, called E484Q and L452R, to the part of the virus binding the human cells, saying “there is data of E484Q mutant viruses escaping highly neutralizing antibodies in cultures, and there is data that L452R mutation was responsible for both increased transmissibility and immune escape.” Besides, by March 10, the new variant “had been traced in 15% to 20% of samples from Maharashtra, India’s worst-affected state.”

Regrettably, INSACOG’s warning failed to sway the government policies and stop the large gatherings for “the weekslong Kumbh Mela religious festival, attended by millions of Hindus, to proceed from mid-March” and the political “rallies across the country for local elections throughout March and into April”.

As a result, India underwent a hockey stick growth in its daily new cases from mid-March to the beginning of May when the number peaked at 414,188 on May 6 and reported a record daily death toll of more than 4,500 on May 20. Its medical system collapsed and many symptomatic cases died from lack of timely treatment. Videos of heartbreaking scenes of victim flood social media.

This is exactly what the CCP expects from an unrestricted biological attack, as revealed in the widely covered book The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons.

Do you not see the weird similarity between the second wave in India and the outbreak in China? Both involved the quiet spread of a new virus/variant unbeknownst to the vast majority of people before a big festival that entails large gatherings and massive movements of people.

Now it is widely accepted that SARS-COV-2 is a bioweapon. Then is the new variant B.1.617 a product of natural mutation or an upgraded version of SARS-COV-2 from the biological arsenal or laboratory of the CCP? This is a question worth more probing.

Another point I found suspicious is, when I look at the early stage of the new wave, according to the Hindu’s report on March 12, six states, viz. Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Karnataka, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu reported very high daily new cases, which “cumulatively accounting for 85.6% of the new cases reported” on that day. The hardest hit among them, Maharashtra, has the most populous city, Mumbai, as its capital and is home to three international airports and three railway headquarters. In this sense, it is like Wuhan in terms of its function as a pivotal transportation hub in the country.

As shown in the map of India above, except Punjab which is located far away in the north of India, bordering Pakistan, the other states are adjacent, directly or indirectly, to Maharashtra, which invites the question of what caused the severe situation in Punjab. I haven’t found any information about the spread of the new variant in Punjab. It could be the result of spontaneous spread with the movement of people or something more interesting.

I also notice that three out of the four cities where expatriate Chinese are concentrated sit in this plagued region. Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore are the respective capitals of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka whereas Dehli is not far from Punjab. As regards the other two states, according to Wikipedia, Gujarat is not only next to Maharashtra but also “considered one of the most industrially developed states of India” whereas Kerala is “one of the prominent tourist destinations”.

What I describe above means no harm to the expatriate Chinese. I just try to put myself in the shoes of the CCP apparatchiks who orchestrated the attack. The CCP operatives involved in the action are likely Chinese and, in that case, it would be easier for them to carry out their missions without causing trouble or suspicion if they targeted places where their foreign appearances would not draw too much attention.

Unlike the traditional terrorist, the CCP leadership take no pride in the evil deeds they do. Instead, they would go all lengths to cover up their tracks, with lies, fake research papers, false accusations, blackmail, or even murders, so that after stabbing you, they can disgust you with their veneer of sympathy and magnanimity by coming to your rescue. Now they may be gloating over the success of their attack without getting caught.

As regards what triggered this move, it could be the telephone conversation between Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden on February 16, 2021 about deepening India-US partnership on February 16 and the Quad Leaders Summit in mid-March or something else that had hurt the sensitive feelings of the great CCP leader, Xin Jinpin. It may also be intended to wear down the support for Prime Minister Modi, impede India’s recovery from the pandemic, and discourage efforts to relocate supply chains from China to India.

Along this line, the exceptional welcome Washington provided to the Indian External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar and the establishment of the US-India strategic partnership during Mr. Jaishankar’s first visit to the US this Wednesday and Thursday may stoke up overwhelming jealousy and resentment in General Secretary Xi Jinpin, prompting him to order more devastating actions.

With more infectious and virulent variants popping up here and there, the world is on the verge of falling into complete chaos. The CCP, feeling the walls closing in on it, may give a final push to get itself off the hook. We have to prepare for its desperate struggle with the macabre creatures in its Pandora’s box.


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