Translator: TCC | PR: BBT

This is an English translation of the song to celebrate the first Anniversary of the New Federal State of China. We hope to capture the spirit of the song and the voice of the people of the New Federal State of China.

Himalaya, the epitome of freedom
Himalaya, our heavenly blessed homeĀ 
Where unsung heroes are found

Pouring light on to darkness
Ceaselessly calling for justice & equality
With all our hearts, praying for a better tomorrow
Shoulder to shoulder we charge into battle
Welding the truth as a sword
In the face of organized evil, vanquishing its lies & misdeeds
Seven thousand warriors strong, protecting the dignity of our State
With our youth and our blood, devotedly
For eons, eternally lasting

Let us free our Chinese compatriots
Himalaya, the pinnacle of love & compassion
Himalaya, our beautifully blessed home
From which we defend our freedom

Himalaya, forever in our hearts
We are fearless in facing all challenges and adversities
Himalaya, the epitome of freedom