Author: The Mount Royal Montreal Group 夏星湖

U.S. Representative Mike Gallagher told Fox News on Friday that almost all current research evidence and scientific findings around the world indicate that the CCP virus originated in a laboratory rather than a natural evolution, and that members of the Congress, like key members of the highest authority in the United States, “should know” where the virus is coming from, Breitbart News reported on May 8.

Mike further said that the evidence for the virus from the lab “is piling up like mountains,” so why are we delaying our deeper research and have a definitive, definitive conclusion? From Mike’s words, one can sense that the truth about the virus from the CCP’s Wuhan lab is already in the air.

Fauci, the current director of the American Institute of Infectious Diseases and chief medical adviser to the president, and Dazak, the WHO adviser, have long used U.S. tax dollars to fund the Institute for Research on Diseases. Wuhan virus, along with Dazak’s EcoHealth Alliance, whose funding program for the Wuhan Virus Research Institute will not end for four years. Mike, who has heard about this for a long time, pointed out that we also need to investigate whether there is any US funding involved in research (CCP) on the virus enhancement changes in the lab that have hurt the US.

Russian State Duma (Lower House of Parliament) Speaker Leonid Volodin claimed on February 27 that the CCP virus was able to escape from an American biological laboratory located in the CCP in China and that states -United should be held accountable for the consequences of the epidemic. The lab Volodin refers to is the Wuhan Virus Research Institute, and Fauci and Dazak funded the Wuhan Virus Research Institute with grants from the U.S. government. It is not easy for the US government to completely dissipate its ties with the CCP and the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research. Therefore, it would be wise for the United States to actively pursue the responsibility of Datsyuk and others, and to issue a white paper as soon as possible to determine that the CCP is waging biological warfare.

Reference link: GOP Rep. Gallagher: Evidence ‘Stacking Up’ Supporting Lab Leak Theory on COVID