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On May 17th Graphika published the report «Ants in a Web», which has been quoted and reported extensively by The Washington Post at the same day with the title “Chinese businessman with links to Steve Bannon is driving force for a sprawling disinformation network, researchers say”. On May 18th the Daily Mail published the same story with the title “Chinese billionaire whose yacht Steve Bannon was arrested on is behind fake news network”.

As an ant in this network, I feel the need to speak out and have your report linked to the real world.

A network of authentic accounts

In the executive summary it is written “Chinese businessman Guo Wengui is at the center of a vast network of interrelated media entities which have disseminated online disinformation and promoted real-world harassment campaigns. Graphika has identified thousands of mostly-authentic social media accounts associated with this network which are active across platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Gab, Telegram, Parler and Discord.”

First of all, thank you for the findings of the “ants in web”, thousands of authentic accounts. Behind these thousands of social media accounts, you will find ordinary real inhabitants of this planets, most of them of Chinese origin, usually with pseudonyms not showing any private photos or location of living, so that they can’t be identified by the members of state security service (as Stasi in former East Germany) inside and outside of China.

In this vast network with Mr. Guo Wengui at the center they find a platform to voice their opposition against the CCP, and to organize their operations fighting against the disinformation campaigns by CCP in the social media.

Graphika Report – “Cross-Platform Spam Network Targeted Hong Kong Protests”

The CCP disinformation campaigns shouldn’t be unknown for Graphika. In September 2019 Graphika published a report “Cross-Platform Spam Network Targeted Hong Kong Protests”. You have identified hijacked or fake accounts belonging to a Chinese state-linked information operation and wrote: “Elements of the network were already active in the second half of 2018, when it primarily attacked Chinese émigré billionaire GuoWengui (郭文贵, also known as Miles Kwok). It struggled to achieve impact or to reach audience eyes; nevertheless, it shines further light on the manipulation of political dialogue in the Chinese-language space. It also demonstrates how spam networks can be used to amplify political messaging while staying below the threshold of larger and better coordinated human operations.”

In the “Ants in Web” report you identified: “In the last year, this network has promoted harassment campaigns against anti-CCP Chinese dissidents, activists, and other perceived enemies in six countries. These campaigns have been linked to multiple violent incidents.”

What you called “harassment campaigns” are in my view, nonviolent offline communication activities to identify the agents on behalf of the CCP’s disinformation operations in various countries.


One of the so called “anti-CCP” Chinese dissidents being identified by the Whistleblower Movement, has a Youtube name “HuangheBian黄河边”, living in Canada and running a “Mocking GuoWengui Show 戏郭秀” every day.

As a so-called journalist and activist, who has spoken out against Beijing’s authoritarian rule for over a decade, he was able to visit his family in China 2019 and broadcast from his hometown via YouTube, while the ordinary Chinese people has no access to channels as YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp at all.

In 2019 no speech of any Chinese lawyer, professor or entrepreneur can be heard outside the Firewall, how could a so-called anti-CCP dissident be able to do this within the Chinese Firewall and even to broadcast the YouTube-Show to the Overseas audience?

You must be a part of or be bought by the CCP’s propaganda machinery (Information Operation) to fulfil this task.

Teng Biao 滕彪

In case of the so-called anti-CCP dissident Mr. Teng Biao, he wrote a long article and smeared Mr. Guo Wengui shortly after Mr. Guo’s disclosure of the HNA-Corruption in 2017, with personal allegation as rape or incest, exactly using the wording of the CCP mouthpieces in China.

How can an anti-CCP dissident in U.S. spend so much time to write such long article and speak at very occasion using the same source and language as CCP propaganda machinery without being a part of CCP’s disinformation campaign?

By the way the disinformation operation against Mr. Guo Wengui was not restricted online. Real-world harassment was organized by the CCP’s United Front Work members in New York, in front of the Sherry-Netherland hotel demonstrating with transparent of disinformation and smear words in 2017.

Rule of Law Foundation and Rule of Law Society

You wrote in the executive summary: “foreign-born participants in Guo’s online and offline operations have been promoted political asylum in the United States in exchange for participation.”

Mr. Guo applied for political asylum in the Unites States, since he knew how life threaten it can be if you disclose any CCP classified information or relevant family information of CCP high-ranking members to the non-CCP world.

The organization as CCP has the same hierarchical structure as the former Soviet Union. In the Xi Jinping era, particularly after he was declared “lifelong Presidency” 2018, any relevant whistle blower will be punished or threated with so-called “traffic accident” or “suicide” by falling from the balcony.

“Foreign-born” people who dare to give classified information to the Whistleblower Movement, the US-registered “Rule of Law Society” and “Rule of Law Foundation” will give assistance in case they apply the political asylum in the US.

Coordinated authentic behavior

You wrote “Graphika has noted multiple instances of what appear to be coordinated authentic behavior, with real supporters posting with the singular purpose of amplifying Guo-related content.”

You are right, since the Whistleblower Movement is well-organized, and the campaigns are well coordinated to fight against the REAL disinformation campaigns lunched by the CCP-propaganda machinery inside and outside of China. We are small tine ants, but we are authentic to amplifying Guo -related content, since they are the real information from this CCP ruled black-box called PRC.

Definition of mis-information

You further wrote: “The network acts as a prolific producer and amplifier of mis- and disinformation, including claims of voter fraud in the U.S., false information about Covid-19, and QAnon narratives.”

Whether there are any voter fraud in the U.S., is still open for discussion, how can it be misinformation? And whether the origin of the virus is nature-born or lab-born man-made, is still open as well, and thus the methods to fight against this virus. Any discussion about these issues can’t be mis-information or disinformation.

Whistleblower Movement with “user generated content”

Last but not least, you wrote in executive summary: “Accounts in the network have used centrally-coordinated tactics to evade enforcement actions by social media platforms.”

That’s right, since we want to voice our whistleblower information from a CCP-controlled Blackbox to the ordinary people in the world and we will not stop doing that.

This represents my personal view – an ant’s view in this anti-CCP web and I am sure I am not alone with my view.

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