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Weilong Tan (谭伟龙): Deputy Director of the Second Department of Infectious Disease Prevention, Eastern Theater Disease Prevention Center of PLA, Nanjing. Key Member in helping Changjun Wang’s team to find the SARS-CoV-2 backbone: ZC45 & ZXC21.

Some relevant information about Yuexi Li (李越希):He is director of Huadong Medical Institute of Biotechniques (same as Research Institute for Medicine of Eastern Theater/Nanjing Command Center, PLA) and he graduated from Nanjing Medical University and joined AMMS later.

Non-human primate model was used in the test and it went out of control in possible two ways: WIV(Wuhan Institute of Virology) staff were infected when they dealt with the animal, or they deliberately did some human test. So the virus definitely came from the lab.

The early outbreak hotmap clearly pointed out Wuchang District, where BSL-3 lab of WIV and ABSL-3 lab of Wuhan University were located.

In conclusion, under the help from the key members such as Weilong Tan and Yuexi Li, Changjun Wang found the ZC45/ZXC21, and when they carried the completely manmade Covid-19 to make experiment in Wuchang, and some accidents may occur.