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Dr. Yan last January has bravely come forward to tell the world about the Chinese Communist Party to cover up the truth of the virus, but unfortunately at that time did not attract the attention of the world. We do not realize that the danger and evil of the Chinese Communist Party is everywhere, has invaded all corners of the West, not only the West received harm, the people of China also. The Chinese Communist Party only uses its own people as tools, they do not care about the people’s lives, they cover up the data of the number of people who died due to the virus, and suppress the people and the media to speak out. According to Dr. Yan, there is no effective vaccine or magic antidote for the new coronavirus in terms of the characteristics and nature of the virus. But the Chinese Communist Party knows that there are safe and effective drugs that can be used, but this information is only understood by the top of the Chinese Communist Party. Instead, the CCP is trying to mislead its people and other countries not to use these cheap and safe effective drugs for early treatment, such as hydroxychloroquine and other drugs, but to promote their inferior vaccines.

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