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Adapted from Mr. Guo’s Latest Revelation on his Getter on May 12th, 2021

After the delisting of the 3 major People’s Republic of China’s (PRC’s) telecom companies, Mr. Guo revealed what the US is doing on his Getter on May 12th.

Miles Guo | Getter

Mr. Guo first talked about Iraq. Before the US attacked Iraq, the entire Middle East did not believe this would happen. Even after the attack, the countries of the Middle East thought that the US troops will be withdrawn right away.

Mr. Guo also talked about what has the US done before the attack on Iraq. One was the deployment of the US army around Iraq’s neighboring countries and the other one was the withdrawal of the US Chamber of Commerce in the Middle East and its big companies from the area.

What the US is doing now is quite similar to that!

First, the US Chamber of Commerce and entities in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and even some “sensitive units” are quickly moving away from the PRC.

He said, all of the important industries of the US are retreating. We can see from the past 2 weeks that the companies the CCP relies on the most are quickly moving their people, money, and technologies away from the PRC.

US industries are also getting ready to replace supply chains from the PRC by moving them to Vietnam, Burma, Bengal, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. southeast Asian countries; even moving to Eastern Europe. This will definitely empty China’s supply-chain industries, which the slave labor of the PRC relies on and the PRC will lose its foreign exchange. In Asia, China’s surrounding countries are all its adversaries.

Also, the US is seriously considering finding a new Asian financial center, e.g., Japan or Singapore.

Secondly, the US is deploying heavy weapons and army to Asia!

Mr. Guo revealed that for the first time that the US is deploying heavy weapons to the Strait of Malaca, the border between India and Pakistan, Bengal, the southern part of Thailand, and even to Egypt. This will allow the US to control the Strait of Malaca and cut off PRC’s Asia oil passage.

Miles said that when he found out this, he knew this was very serious. One can imagine all goods manufactured from China cannot reach the West.

The sanction will include the chips and big machinery technologies. This will shut down PRC’s economy, technology, and equipment. The outcome of the PRC will be worse than Iran.

We can see clearly that for the past 2-3 months, all hearings in the US Capitol Hill are regarding the CCP virus, CCP’s economy, the stealing of the US technologies, virus and vaccine, the US response at the beginning of the Pandemic and who to be responsible.

At the same time, the US strategy is to maintain the stability of domestic economy, to reduce the loss of industry, and to maintain the supply chain to the army. The US also wants the stability of the world supply chains to make sure enough for a long-term battle with the CCP. This is totally different from the CCP’s strategies!

Mr. Guo said that we are taking down the CCP via the CCP virus, the technologies, finance and trade, and the world’s conscience and scientific and cultural communities. This is also what the New Federal State of China pursues to take down the CCP from the root, and finally, let all the Chinese people live real happy lives.

So, the decoupling with the PRC is really happening. To the West, with the example of Elon Musk and Tesla, you should not still keep your hopes up. Please remove your connection with the PRC as soon as possible to avoid further losses.

For those still dreaming to work with the PRC, this information is to give you another piece of evidence that the decoupling between the PRC and the US is coming soon.

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