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On May 6, IBM announced that it had formally developed a 2-nanometer chip in their laboratories. Compared with the 7-nanometer chip, this 2nm chip has a speed increase of 45% and an energy efficiency increase of 75%. It can also extend the battery life and reduce the power consumption of smartphones. From the data analysis report, this should be the most advanced chip in the world. IBM’s innovation in 2nm chips will have a huge impact on the entire semiconductor and IT industries, which could create an impact on other fields.

It is worth noting that since it sold its manufacturing plant to Global Foundries in 2014, IBM has not had its own fabrication facilities. Therefore, IBM is not responsible for the production of semiconductor chips. In the field of chip manufacturing, IBM’s main role is in the research and development of new concept technologies and is positioned as a chip design company.

In the semiconductor field, infrastructure determines the upper-level technology, and the upper-level technology, in turn, affects the infrastructure. IBM has taken the lead in creating the next generation of semiconductor chips, which means that in the definition of chip specifications, IBM has won the right to formulate parameters and has taken the lead in the field of semiconductors.

Why is this right of definition so important? Because it means that in the new 2nm chip field, the rules can be set by IBM and all subsequent development of 2nm chips will have to follow IBM’s rules. As the leader in this new technology, IBM will have the final say.

IBM successfully developed a 2-nanometer chip, and insiders exclaimed: “The Blue Giant is awake.” In fact, this is not the first time IBM has played a leading role in the field of chip manufacturing. In 2015, IBM took the lead by developing 7-nanometer chips, and in 2017, they took the lead to produce 5-nanometer chips. It can be said that those who set the standards in the field of chip manufacturing have always been in the United States.

Innovation and progress are the great strengths of the United States. The talents only can be so creative and productive in a country that cherishes free thinking and free speech. This is the “righteousness” that Mr. Wengui Guo has always admired. Such a country will inevitably become stronger and stronger.

In the CCP, the government launched a nationwide movement to build semiconductor chips. Many companies and universities said that they spent tens of billions of dollars on the R&D stage. Did they produce any results? No, so much money has been invested, but they have not even achieved a 20-nanometer chip. Why? This is the result of the CCP taking the lead in “fake, cheat and steal” evil ways. Such a government must go down the road of destruction.

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