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It is always a very sensitive subject when it comes to spotting “fake” Buddhist monks and exposing their embarrassing misconducts and gestures. This video shows several jaw-dropping behaviors of the man dressed as a Buddhist monk: arguing with a man and grabbing one’s neck; fly first class cabin; holding a thick stash of cash to buy a luxurious watch in a jewelry shop; dancing with a sexy lady in a night club; ordering meat openly at a market stall; handing out a thick stash of money from a luggage of cash to the disciples in a monastery; intimately sitting with a lady in an internet café while the lady is serving him a beer and then he smokes a cigarette; and so on. 

The man in the video lives in an opposite side of Buddhist’s “simple” life – drinking a beer and eating meat on a skewer. The “monk” in a saffron robe uses his excuse for his behavior by quoting Buddhist scripture, “wine and meat have passes through the intestines, but Buddha is still in the my heart.” “Just do it!” He asks, “Is there any karaoke? Want to fool around with a girl…” It is very controversial that men wearing the robes of Buddhist monks are badly behaving everything against Buddhist ethical principles.

A person may think being a monk is just a career; in fact, it is a spiritual fulltime duty. It is a general implication that the Buddhist monks should play their traditional roles and practice the Buddhism beliefs. They should hold themselves accountable in order to acquire and accumulate spiritual merit for themselves and even for others. However, it is alarming by these controversies because those “monks” fail to represent their religion’s morality or tarnish the fame of monasteries they are coming from. 

After watching the video, the people may have two thoughts immediately in the mind. First, it is very disappointing to see these “monks” who have been spotted in different kinds of unchaste behavior. People trust the Buddhist robe simply because it is not just a uniform but it symbolizes Buddha’s teachings. Although these “monks” disrespect the Buddhist themselves, they have not committed any crime in society. 

Second, the phenomenon of Fake Buddhist Monks derives from the Chinese Communism Party (CCP) governing with falsehood and deception which deceptive practice is often being accepted as a norm in China nowadays. If the fake Buddhist monks’ charade happens in the area of religious practices, how about the “fake” bureaucratic officials in the CCP governmental settings? How can people differentiate between privileged corruptive bureaucratic officials and those who really serve general public?

In the extensive social-political concerns in China, there is a complex connection between utilizing the authority’s representation and legitimizing the ideology of impersonation of authority and abuse of power. Under the corruptive CCP’s governance, it is not surprise that a deliberate immoral culture of covering up frauds is tolerable. Fake monks with the shaven heads and wearing Buddhist robes; whereas the corruptive governmental officials who hold such bureaucratic titles or wear the governmental uniforms, they both have already shamefully violated their pledges of serving people. 

In short, these fake Buddhist practices may be singular cases that lead to distortions of the Buddha’s teachings. However, the crisis of the CCP’s corruptive political practice and dictatorial abuse of power on people is rooted at every level. The question that remains: what are the doctrines of Buddhism when ignorance and greediness are the tragic byproducts of tyrannical political culture and practice in China?

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