Translator: Rebecca Proofreading: Maddy

In April this year, a staff member of China’s Ruijin Red-Yellow-Blue Kindergarten was exposed for forcing a three-year-old child to smell his feet. Another scandal has emerged at Chengdu 49 Middle School, where a teenager died after an unexplained fall off a school building.

At 9 pm on May 9, 2021, the mother of Lin Weiqi, a sophomore resident student at Chengdu 49 Middle School, was notified by the school that her son had commit suicide by jumping off a school building. She had just driven him back to school at 5:40 pm that day after he wished her a Happy Mother’s Day.

Lin’s mother criticized the school’s handling of the incident in a May 10 Weibo post. As a result, her account was suspended on May 11.

“I’ve always been a law-abiding citizen, trusting the government and the party, but now I can’t even make a sound, like a mute person. I’m sorry [Lin] that mom couldn’t protect you and that I can’t even bring justice for you,” her post read.

She states the school would not provide any details to her or any other parents and students. Chengdu 49 High School, which should have a responsibility to protect the safety of its students, shunned them instead, along with their parents and caregivers.

Furthermore, those who went to lay flowers at the school’s front door in remembrance of Lin Weiqi on the evening of May 11 were stopped by police or even arrested. Some managed to place their bouquets down before leaving, but five minutes later, they were dragged back by police to retrieve their flowers.

When a crowd of citizens gathered in front of the school, shouting “truth, truth” in peaceful protest, the police attacked them. This handling of the so-called suicide incident is clearly abnormal.

The Chinese Communist media, which has been tight-lipped, finally published a screenshot of the incident on May 13 in response to the overwhelming public sentiment. However, the incident site, which is supposedly the corridor that connects the school’s laboratory building to the gym, is still concealed from the public.

The initial report and the following Xinhua News Agency’s report also contradict one another regarding the time and place of the incident. 

The Chinese Communist Party’s foreign propaganda is now spreading the lie that Western anti-China forces used the Chengdu student fall incident to trigger a colour revolution. This tactic is commonly used and typical of the CCP-controlled media.

According to Chinese cultural tradition, bearing many children and many generations is considered a vital family responsibility, even in the current era of CCP-imposed population control. However, the government has recently reversed its population control policy, introducing two and even three-child policies. Recent government data reports the number of births in China in 2020 was 12 million. The total fertility rate for women of childbearing age was 1.3. However, Mr Wengui’s first-hand information from CCP sources reports only 7 million births in 2020. In a country of 1.4 billion people, this birth number demonstrates how most of China’s fertile adult population have chosen to forgo having children despite the CCP’s new family planning policies. This continued low birth rate is undoubtedly due to poor living conditions under the CCP’s rule, and the dangers posed to children, as demonstrated in the Chengdu and Ruiji incidents. These are among the many tragedies resulting from the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) sinister rule over China.

As Tan Sitong, one of the Four Gentlemen of the late Qing dynasty, said to his wife before his arrest, “In such a country, one more child is one more slave, isn’t it? Having children now is instead bringing him trials and tribulations”. This statement perfectly applies to the current state of China under the Chinese Communist Party.