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Adapted from Mr. Miles Guo’s Revelation on May 9th Live Broadcast.

On May 7, three Chinese telecom carriers, China Mobile, China Unicom (Hong Kong), and China Telcom, will be delisted from New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) after losing the appeal. This will take effect 10 days after the US Securities and Exchange Committee is informed (Ref. 1).

During Mr. Guo’s live broadcast on May 9th, he summarized the impact, or say consequence, of this news on the PRC and the world (Ref. 2).

Besides decoupling with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) from the economic, military, government, and various financial derivatives/products, there are additional major consequences.

1. Blocking the communications. Because these 3 telecoms plus Huawei are the main suppliers of hardware and software for the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) Great Firewall which the CCP used to build to control its own people, the communication inside mainland China will be isolated from the world. If you have a Huawei cell phone, your phone will no longer work. Delisting these three telecom companies, all the mobile phones manufactured by the CCP, even all the Apples manufactured in China, which have a different version of the software, will not work in other parts of the world.

2. Blocking the financial system. After these 3 telecoms collapse, all PRC’s overseas financial systems and banks cannot function as usual. For example, if you are using China’s overseas financial systems and services, like Alipay, WePay, etc., the system will be down and can no longer work. If you are using CCP’s financial system, your money will no longer be secured. Even your Bitcoins, cryptocurrency, your bank information, the CCP can access and take them away. If you think your money is safe hiding in other countries, like Bahama or Puerto Rico, as long as you are using PRC’s telecom cell phone, financial system, and products, the CCP will be able to take them away. By then, no one can help you.

3. Impacting on the operation of China’s private industries. The fall of the three major suppliers will have a fatal impact on China’s state-owned enterprises and private enterprises. He explained that “China’s Private enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and financial systems are inseparable from telecommunications companies.” Various kinds of payment systems in China use foreign suppliers. In general, all chain enterprise is connected with overseas. He made an example of the hotel system. We know that Mr. Guo owned a 7-star hotel in Beijing.

The Fidelio software system is the best one in the hotel and restaurant industry. About 70-80% of all five-star hotels and private restaurants are using the Fidelio system. After the delisting of the 3 telecoms, i.e., the NYSE is the bloodline of these 3 companies, the infrastructure of the PRC telecommunication will not be able to sustain.

The other similar example is the software used in the trading system – Shopify, which is the software used by all our trade suppliers to link to all foreign trade platforms. Similarly, the Shopify system will not let you go online. If so, how can you trade with companies or individuals outside China?

What about those from overseas? Overseas companies and investments in China no longer have access to the CCP’s system because all domestic hotel and restaurant systems are connected to the local optical fiber network infrastructure. The PRC’s software platforms do not allow trade, hotel, and all services to enter into its system. The 2 systems, one within the PRC and the other one in the West, are mutually exclusive and this is decoupling.

This is just the beginning. All the China Concepts Stocks will be delisted and the US’s moves are just the beginning. Europe, Japan, Australia, and the world will all follow. Inside mainland China, the ripple effect will come down to all Chinese industries, not only the state-owned but also private ones. Then the entire financial system. All mutual funds in the US will be gone, including all the US’ pension funds, retirement funds, and education funds. These will be pulled their investment out from the China Concepts stocks.

So, for Chinese entrepreneurs, please don’t think you can get away from it this time. Your phone will not work, the CCP will take away your money, and you will not be able to continue your trade with the West! This means that the PRC will become just like North Korea – nothing comes in or goes out.

For those PRC’s foreign investors, Elon Musk is an excellent example. This has created a significant ripple effect on manufacturers across the world. A Mr. Guo’s friend, who works at Apple, has also revealed that Apple is seriously considering withdrawing all production lines from mainland China. When you doing business with the PRC, besides you cannot use the cheap phones from Huawei, your investment in China can run a risk to be taken over and taken away by the CCP.

Mr. Guo has also revealed, “who is the real winner of this delisting?” The real winner is Elon Musk’s Starlink, the Space Program. The hardware is only a temporary solution for communication and eventually, there is no need for hardware. “A bunch of solutions can be available soon but I cannot talk about it now,” he revealed.


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