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The other thing is they point out the perfect place to release it is the seafood market and from the Wuhan Huanan seafood market we didn’t see any animal DNA, we just did the water, right?

So, the step they did it in Wuhan for the community trial perfectly match their idea.

But the thing is, the release part, they ignore the high infectiousness of this virus because lack of perfect good animal model for transmission.

They are doing the animal serial passage using human ACE2 mouse because that is convenient and cheap and during that passage they can enhance the virulence and also combine with that, the infectiousness can be enhanced, but it cannot be reflected from the mouse model

But it didn’t do the hamster model, that is the reckless part.

So that’s why initially when they do this trial in China, in Wuhan.

They didn’t think it is so high infectious.

Because we never see such high infectious virus in the history.

That’s why they keep telling it can be under control but somehow it lost control.

So, I provide evidence and analysis in the reports, and I will keep adding it in my next report and the other on purpose step is they release it to the world.


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