Video Extract: Himalaya Taiwan– Wende
Chinese Subtitles:Himalaya LA–Yushangxiqiaoke
Translator:Himalaya LA–Arthur
Proofread:Himalaya LA–Yanbohaomiao
Subtitles + Video Editor:Himalaya LA– xtts


How did firewall get built? It was based on the three telecommunication companies. This physical network, just like we said last time. The most critical part is the last mile to your desktop. It’s kind of controlling the road to your house. All the highways or airports will be useless, because you cannot get out. Three telecommunication companies control your door, just like a siren. It will tell you ahead of time where you will be going. For instance, Dr. Bo is out there with someone. Who that was and what did they do? Half of the way, there is another siren, indicating which restaurant did they go. The three telecommunication companies’ physical network is the most important part. This is used for surveillance.

All the firewalls are built on top of the three major telecommunication companies. Mobile, internet, cellphone, local station, the delisting of these three major telecommunication companies is just one aspect. More importantly, their appealing failed. What that indicates? That is, it belongs to CCP intelligence. This is getting verified. What happens after this then. Compensation is just one aspect. More critical part is the national security. Vendors, such as Cisco and IBM must stop supplying to those companies. Without Cisco and IBM, without servers and exchangers. Even though, they still get Huawei, but do you actually think Huawei can handle this? Without U.S. techniques and cables, can they handle it? It may believe Huawei can produce exchangers and everything. Maybe, they can produce 100M exchangers. But all the core parts are from the U.S.Therefore, this is another important part to flip the dominos. That is to break the firewall.