Miles Guo’s Speech

I spent lots of time talking with customers of China MinSheng Bank(CMB) last night. I got a lot of calls

Some fellow fighters can’t withdraw their large deposits from China MinSheng Bank

One-third of private enterprises will collapse, if China MinSheng Bank collapse.

China Development Bank(CDB) will be the next.

CDB and Zhang Hongwei’s ten billions of dollars of corruption will be revealed

After the collapse of CMB and CDB, other small regional banks will collapse

Jack Ma and Ma Huateng and tens of thousands of entrepreneurs will be involved

About a million of people will be involved in series of finance and real estate crash

The assets of Postal Savings Bank of China(PSBC) look healthy. But no one knows that

assets of PSBC have been quietly transferred out by the powerful families in Zhongnanhai

PSBC will surely collapse. Even at the price of bribing someone to get the approval,

you should withdraw your money immediately or transfer it to any other bank,

especially those banks that can’t be bankrupted right now,

such as Bank of China, China Construction Bank

You’ve seen that US, Europe, and Japan are looking for the assets of the CCP

Three Chinese telecom giants have been delisted

The case sets a precedent for delisting the CCP companies for the US and the world

It will be the reference for follow-up actions of decoupling and seizing the CCP’s assets

Since then all the companies, which are owned by CCP and

have participated in Xinjiang genocide and HongKong persecution, will be shut down

Once Americans hear that they can get money, they will open their eyes widely

and rush up and say that they want to get it too

They will join us in hunting for the assets of CCP

This is what I said at the very beginning about getting back the money

that belonged to the deplorable people in China but was stolen by CCP

We can’t allow the greedy financial predators to snatch it away according to law

In the end, the CCP members will have no choice, but to go to Himalaya Exchange

which is the only legal place to store their money

The most sought-after investment is GTV. Then Getter, GNews and GClub

I will give you something that you will like but you can’t touch or grab

That’s something you need everyday. I will give it to you on 4th June. Is that Ok?

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