Video Extraction : Himalaya LA – xtts
Translator:Himalaya LA –JS709
Chinese Subtitle/Proofread: Himalaya LA – Yanbohaomiao
Subtitles + Video Editor:Himalaya LA – Yaxiangdierxiwang


The CCP wants to destroy this system through three aspects. Pandemic, climate change, and new technologies, such as 5G. 5G is the new, future industry, including surveillance and cyber hacking. Now, all CCP’s actions are from these three aspects. No doubt, the pandemic directly invaded the United States. It is the most important part of the unrestricted warfare launched by the CCP. Secondly, the CCP uses climate change issues to directly break your economic systems. The CCP will never abide the agreements on climate change and other international orders.

It uses low-priced products to impact the U.S. market. Because U.S. signed the agreement (the Paris Climate Accord). The U.S. and other G7 countries cannot manufacture many products. Bit by bit, much manufacturing will be moved to communist China and their economies will be kidnapped by the CCP. Finally, new technologies, future industries, including chips and 5G etc. Not only science, technology, and intellectual properties, more importantly, the CCP wants to control new economic systems.

Look at this passage, he says that let Russia stand with them and let it choose by itself. You must choose between an international order based on rules backed by the existing G7 and an international order based on fake, cheat, and steal backed by the CCP based on deception, falsehood, take-away-all-benefits-in-a-mess. There is only evil, no order, only rule-of-man no rule-of-law in CCP-ruled China. The focus of international orders is rules and legal agreements. However, there is no order in the CCP’s China.

To put it bluntly, someone has the final say. It is the king who has the final say, Russia, you choose, calling for Russia to fight against the CCP together. Therefore, for Russia, CCP’s God Xi feels that Russia is tied together with it, because it imports oil from Russia paying $100 per barrel. Although the actual price is just more than $20 per barrel, the CCP still pays more than $100 a barrel. He believes that Russia will be with them all the time. Let me tell you, that is a dream.