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[April 30, 2021] Video translation

Hello, fellow fighters!

Today, I was tortured by my vocal teachers, William Wang and Sister Tang Ping all afternoon again. This song, which was finished composing two months ago, is called “Horseback Hero” and has exceptionally well-written lyrics. The first two times I read the lyrics, they lifted my emotions in an extraordinarily thrilling way and they got my adrenaline pumping. Because many of my friends are Mongolians. We all know what happened in Mongolia, so I was still hesitant to sing this song, but William Wang and Sister Tang Ping were so fantastic so I changed my mind. What I see most in them is their persistence.

This song and our other songs, “Drinking down the CCP” and “A Roar of the Vast Sea” wouldn’t be possible without either them. Neither one can do the work without the other. William Wang was the one who sang along with me, and he was also the one who made the demo; Tang Ping was the one who wrote the lyrics and made the arrangements. Later, this song will be brought to a music production team in Hollywood who will do all the music production. We already have the new production of the national anthem of the New Federal State of China, which will be done before June 4 this year, by the Hollywood team. Last night they sent me the national anthem ,”Pinnacle of the Himalaya”. On hearing it, to be honest, I broke into tears immediately.

It was God’s will that this song was written right before June 4 last year. Tang Ping’s voice was such a perfect match for this song which cannot be described with words. Her voice is a real treasure. Unfortunately, because of her environment, including the pandemic, she was not able to fully use it. There is no need for me to say too much about how great William Wang’s voice is and how professional and talented he is in music because everyone knows it. So when the two of them finished the demo and sent it to the Hollywood team, the Hollywood team said, “We really can’t believe that Chinese people could have such musical talent.”

So I was singing this new song this afternoon. I had never sung it before. I have already lost my voice by humming this part, “Oh hai yo oh hai yo”. And then there is a line: “We are the true masters of this prairie.” Gosh! My throat was nearly bursting! But every line, every word was a like a sharp sword stabbing at the heart of the CCP.

Poor Mongolians! I have many Mongolian friends, and female Mongolian friends as well. I think they deserve our singing for them, and we should sing for them. Mongolians really do not deserve this type of life [in Communist China] under any circumstances. The so-called preferential policy for the minorities by the CCP has destroyed their whole ethnic group. They are not even allowed to speak their own language. We’ve all seen a Mongolian band overseas, and we like them so much. Mongolian culture is so pure and natural, and so remarkable!

This afternoon my voice got terribly hoarse. How many hours have I been singing? About six or seven hours. I practiced many times before recording. Just think about how much I have improved – from singing “A Roar of the Vast Sea” word by word to my renewed understanding of music today – it is really the great work of music, which is the voice from our heart!

It’s hard for me to imagine that in the past years, in a CCP controlled country, how those so-called singers could sing stuff like “you love me, I love you, you hate me, I hate you” or “love a third person”. How could they even sing stuff like that? How could a person who loves music, a person who likes to sing, a person who loves beautiful stuff, can even sing something like that with their fake voice, given that everyone’s voice is created to sing for oneself, for one’s love, for all the beautiful things, for one’s family, and for one’s dreams? How could they sing something that they don’t even like themselves. Having one’s spirit raped is more horrible than having one’s body raped.

So, today when I was recording the song with Tang Ping, William Wang and Brother John – by the way, Uncle John has got his name cleaned. He has done a lot of great things recently after making a fool of himself for so many times. Finally he did lots of great things, so he was “downgraded” to Brother John. 

But I really can’t believe this. It’s really hard for me to believe – especially since I started singing – how so many artists and talented people out of 1.4 billion Chinese people have been ravaged and manipulated by the CCP for so many years? There are lyrics here specifically about this: “Who trampled on our wives and daughters?” I changed it to: “Who trampled on our sons and daughters?” These kids don’t even have the right to sing.

Even though I am so tired after singing today and my voice has become totally hoarse, I feel extremely happy because the most impossible thing in my life was to make me sing, but Tang Ping and William Wang, the Whistleblower Movement, the New Federal State of China gave me this opportunity to sing. I also should “thank” the CCP, because of them, I, Miles Guo, can actually sing in my life.  And I believe that this song will be a hit across the nation and become the song of genesis. I have no doubt about it for this song was delivered with my life and with Tang Ping and William Wang’s true inner world.  

We do not feel sorrow for the Mongolians, we actually think Mongolians are very great people. We respect Mongolians, we love Mongolians, and we are willing to fight together with them. Just like we are willing to sing with our compatriots in Tibet, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and to fight together with them to destroy the CCP.

This song, “Horseback Hero”, will be like a domino of many that will eventually take down the CCP. Brothers and sisters, please wait a bit. I promise you’ll like this new song.

Love you all! This [flying kiss] is to thank my teachers, William Wang and Tang Ping, and Brother John for all their hard work. Thank you!

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