The Chinese government implemented strict measures to contain the Covid19 epidemic. In Hubei, a province hard hit by Covid19, people are living under virus-induced “martial law”. Residents are not allowed to leave their homes. Food is scarce and expensive. There is a desperate plea for help from the epicenter Wuhan.

Wuhan SOS

Translation of the message:

Please help me spread the truth orally.

Please leave (this telegram group) if you don’t believe it.

The government locks the infected people up in their homes.

There is no food delivery. Only wait to die.

Some were probably already starved to death.

I don’t think I can last long.

Because my neighbor is suspected to be infected, I wonder if I will be locked up at home as well.

There is no medicine.

They (the government) abandoned us.

The Chinese Communist Party wants to kill all the Wuhan residents.

Yes. They carry guns.

Ninety-eight percent of the people who got treated in the hospital have some connections.

My phone is being checked. Sorry. I am being watched.

Please help me spread the truth. Thank you

Police marching on the streets became a terrifying scene

Policemen and police cars were seen marching on the street in this video. The Chinese netizens wondered if the police were trying to scare people or the virus.

Food scarcity

This government post says: All residents in Xiaogan City in Wuhan province are forbidden to leave their homes. Violators will be detained for up to ten days.

Location: Xiaogan City, Hubei Province. We have been disallowed to go out for a long time. There is no community assistance to get the essentials we need. I have been eating potatoes for over ten days. Potatoes were bought before the lockdown. On the day of the lockdown, I only had the strength to carry a bag of rice without getting anything else. Occasionally, they came downstairs to send us nothing but vegetables in bags. A few cucumbers and lettuces would cost 50 yuan. I miss ramen noodles. They are so delicious. There is nowhere to get them.

A receipt shows that some vegetables cost 209.2 Yuan (about $30 USD).

For some low-income individuals with 1000 yuan after-tax income per month, this could be 1/5 of their monthly income.