Miles Guo’s live broadcast on Feb 18.2020.

China’s Zhongnanhai, Hubei, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hong Kong, various local forces have been engaged in fierce, brutal political and economic struggle.

Once again, the Chinese communist party has listed the Expose Revolution as no.1 enemy; and Mr. Bannon’s War Room is listed as no. 3. Surprisingly, Lude’s Talkshow is listed as no. 2.

The New York Times reported on Mr.Bannon, Guo Wengui, Bill Gertz, and the Expose Revolution and claiming that these people were the main forces to blow the whistle on CCP and Wuhan outbreak. And also, it said that they are the biggest opposition force against the Chinese communist party.

Miles Guo sent more than 400,000 masks to China and a quarter of a million masks to Hong Kong yesterday, and he bought another quarter of a million masks this morning; So far, he donated 15 million masks to a second and third-party organization.

Millions of people in China are infected with novel coronavirus. The death toll is definitely hundreds of thousands of people. But the Chinese government still asks the people to return to work.