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The Belt and Road Initiative, or “One Belt One Road” for short, is a global infrastructure development strategy adopted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in 2013. Its aim is to invest to nearly 70 countries and international organizations, with a goal of completion in 2049. The CCP calls the initiative, “a bid to enhance regional connectivity and embrace a brighter future”. However, disguised with the most beautiful words, CCP’s “One Belt One Road “not only made the countries and regions participating fall into a debt trap, but it is also a way for CCP to enslave millions Chinese workers.

The Voice of America (VOA) on May 1, 2021 covered a story of the forced labor situation in two companies, Eternal Tsingshan Group Co. Ltd, known as the “early important achievement” of the “One Belt One Road” strategy in Indonesia, and Delong Nickel Co. Ltd, the second largest Chinese company engaged in nickel production in Indonesia. Workers in both companies were forced to work in very harsh conditions, earning less than 10,000 yuan (1400 USD) a month. Moreover, there was no health insurance for them, nor was there medical treatment for the workers if they were sick. There was not any subsidies or reimbursements for the workers with work related injury or permanent disable. What’s more, the workers were employed illegally abroad for long term job while holding short term tourist or business visitor visas. Their passports were confiscated during the contract period, hence becoming “black households”. There was no way for them to return home for a break due to their illegal immigration status.  

According to International Labor Organization ( ILO) standards, To withhold identity documents equals to restrict freedom of movement. It is a form of intimidation and threats. This is an indication of forced labor.

The One belt One road currently covers almost two-thirds of the world.  The Chinese forced labor were brought around the world, being mistreated by their employers. Due to their illegal immigrants’ status, they were not protected by the local laws. These are a group of people who live in the grey area.

Mr. Xi’s” One Belt One Road” has expanded its reach into the world, while also extending CCP’s pattern of human rights abuses to the world. Even under the supervision of the civilized world, such a dark conveyor belt could not be prevented from “transporting” Chinese workers around the world like slaves. The sun of the free democratic world never shines on this group of people.

Despite the media exposures of CCP’s human right abuses to the forced labor, the One Belt One Road projects in Indonesia continue to expand. Both QinLong Group and Delong Nickel Co.Ltd are posting job offers online. The Greedy capitalist countries who are doing business with the CCP know the darkness of forced labor, but they choose to close their eyes. They earn the CCP’s money, sucking the blood of Chinese ordinary folks.  

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