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You have to read several books to understand the battle of Xiangjiang. One is Wang Ming’s autobiography. it’s written by himself. Besides, Zhang Guotao also wrote a book. He knew what happened in Xiangjiang Battle, although he did not experience it. Also, because it was commanded by Li De, Zhou Enlai, and Gu Bo. So, in this case, what is the core reason why CCP had so many casualties in the Battle. It was an internal splits and internal struggles, you know. They didn’t cooperate with Li De and Bo Gu. The reason why everyone knows that the 5th anti-siege failed. The CCP’s so-called anti-siege, let’s use the term used by them temporarily, right.

What was the failure? The people under them (Li De and Bo Gu). Lin Biao and Nie Rongzhen were the commanders of the 1st Red Army Corps, right? Then who else were there at that time. Dong Zhentang, Chen Yun of 5th Corps, Liu Shaoqi, Luo Ronghuan of 8th Corps. What all they did were stabbing in the back. So, the real roles of Li De, Bo Gu and Zhou Enlai, of course, were in names only. Li De, Bo Gu, and Wang Ming remotely commanded from the former Soviet Union and the command authority was Li De and Bo Gu. So, for all of these, Li De and Bo Gu have the rights of command, but these people under them, Mao Zedong could let them not cooperate. This is how crafty Mao was. He was rather to have a lot of scapegoats die than to cooperate.

The Xiangjiang Battle was a typical internal strife of the CCP. Told Chiang Kai-shek the information about where the Red Army was going. So, Chiang’s troop could quickly block up in front. It would rather let countless scapegoats die. In the end, the right of command would be taken back to him. It was such a concept. So, a lot of scapegoats, they died miserably. What a bloody battle, these scapegoats, until now, of course they certainly didn’t know this, because they didn’t read the memoirs of these people, they died as scapegoats. For what, it was to seize power later. What power was seized? Mao Zedong took over the power of Red Army’s command on the Zunyi Conference. So, in the Xiangjiang Battle, there was a reason why so many soldiers died.

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The Battle of Xiangjiang was a battle between the two sides in the 1st civil war between Kuomintang and CCP.

In late November 1934, Chiang Kai-shek mobilized 25 divisions along the Xiang River to build the 4th blockade against the 1st Red Army’s “Long March”.

On November 25, the Red Army divided into 4 columns and crossed the Xiang River between Xing’an and Quanzhou. However, the follow-up troops moved so slowly due to heavy luggage and did not pass in time. The Kuomintang troops seized the opportunity to launch a fierce attack. As a result of the Xiang River Battle, the soldiers of Central Red Army dropped sharply from 100,000 to 30,000,Dong Zhentang and Chen Yunzhi lost more soldiers of Central Red Army dropped sharply from 100,000 to 30,000,Dong Zhentang and Chen Yunzhi lost more than half of their 5th Red Army Corps. The 8th Red Army Corps of Liu Shaoqi and Luo Ronghuan, and the Youth Communist International Division were almost annihilated in this battle.