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[April 30, 2021] Video translation

Dear honorable fellow fighters. It’s already April 30.

Oh, your Brother Miles has so much feeling! In the past few days, Brother Miles has felt how amazing and powerful capitalism is. Since Himalaya Coin (H-Coin), Himalaya Dollar (H-Dollar), and Himalaya Exchange went listed, I suddenly felt the same kind of respect and attention that I obtained as a mysterious figure in the world economy 5 years ago. This world is so realistic. This is why capitalism can have the largest political and economic vitality and become the way how human live in this world. Everyone can see it.

Of course, you see, although the Whistleblower Movement is so great, and also the New China Federation, many people are afraid to get too close to us, many people are afraid of being affected because many people are afraid of the CCP. However, since the listing of H-Coin, H-Dollar, and Himalaya Exchange, these so-called relatives and friends who have not been in contact for many years, many funds, financial institutions, and people who work in this field all came to your Brother Miles. So this world is very realistic, and you are nonsense if you have no strength. So when many fellow fighters give me advice in this way or that way, I always want to tell them: What strength do you have? What makes you think that you can give other people advice? So without Money, everything is over.

Now everyone can see the cooperation between the United States and Japan. Does the CCP dare to say a word? Does it dare to say a word? According to the intelligence that I have got, Japan told the CCP for the first time: Do you dare to talk shit to me on this matter, I will be the first one to decouple with you economically. It was not the CCP that threatened Japan to decouple, rather it was Japan who told the CCP: “I will be the first to decouple with you, the CCP bastard!” I heard that Wang Yi was shocked on the phone.

The Japanese were not joking. They mean it when they say it. Can the CCP still be tough? Once the CCP has no money, it will be nothing. Japan’s decoupling has really scared the CCP. After the US-Japan summit, the CCP repeatedly threatened Japan, by having Wang Yi to call Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This time they made it clear to Wang Yi: Do you dare to make a fuss about this matter, I will decouple with you. I (Japan) has already gone as far as this and the Yankee has finally promised me. So you’d better shut up! This shows the power of money, right? Money, money, the power of money, my fellow fighters!

Second, didn’t Germany and France in Europe just kowtow to the CCP because of money? But this time the U.S. goes to Europe to give them more money. So, eventually France and Germany will definitely kneel under the feet of Americans who they dislike the most. It must end this way. This is what the capitalist society and capitalism inevitably lead to in the 21st century today.

Now many bastards and pro-democracy phonies are so stupid to celebrate the so-called raiding of Giuliani’s home. In the United States, think about this kind of lawsuit – oh, it’s so windy – remember everyone. What is this kind of lawsuit in the U.S. fighting for? It’s money. Have you ever seen an official in the U.S. who was framed by another official and sent to jail? I tell you: if this happened, it is because you really did it.

Although the strike is on Giuliani, but the target is definitely not Giuliani, it’s Ukraine, Ukraine, which is a real U.S. overseas agency case. It will be great for our Whistleblower Movement. Why? Note that the house search is nothing. Who hasn’t been “searched” in the U.S.? What does the house search mean? It means the more they search for Giuliani, the more he will fight, and the more resist it will result in. These are very critical and great for taking down the CCP.

I am using one hand. Is your Brother Miles good? After all, I have practiced this before. How can I do this without any practice. This relies on your strength, right?

In addition, once the Biden case and the Giuliani case are investigated, all [the related] cases in the United States will surface. This is actually good for us. You have seen how those pro-democracy phonies whose brain is filled with shit got so excited [when they saw Giuliani’s case]? Yesterday a fellow fighter said: “Ah, they are gloating!” I asked, “Have you seen these overseas pro-democracy phonies being correct for just once?” Never had! If they have this ability, we can give them the respect that they deserve. Why? Because they know nothing about the world!

It really is a big show, and we like the opening of this big show. Our Whistleblower Movement must take advantage of the situation. As soon as Giuliani’s house was searched, many people more urgently wanted to cooperate with us, with the Himalaya Exchange, H-Dollar, and H-Coin. Why? Why? Why? Think about it, fellow fighters! We don’t want to say that other people’s trouble is our opportunity. 

So the past two days, your Brother Miles has really been busy. Everyone wanted to invest in our H-Dollar, H-Coin, and wanted to cooperate with us. Even more people wanted to invest in G-TV, the new G-TV. Why? Why? What can G-TV do, fellow fighters? What can it do?

Also, about Giuliani’s house search, about 6 months ago or even earlier, probably after the election, I said that if President Trump were not elected, Giuliani’s house would be searched in less than 6 months and he would be investigated. At that time, he said: “Impossible, absolutely impossible!” He said that when we smoked together. So now you see his home has been searched, right? Of course it would be searched, right?

You Brother Miles has lived in the U.S. for a few years and I understand the nature of the relationship between people and the nature of capital. Brother Miles grew up watching the CCP play hooligans and play politics for too many years, so I know them. Among my friends, there are many politicians, military strategists, economists, and, strictly speaking, many gangsters too. Right? So I am right this time again!

[After the incident], he sent me a message right away: “They really searched my house. You are right!” I said: “Congratulations! Congratulations! Searching for your house is a good thing, not a bad thing.” Giuliani, this old man’s remaining energy will definitely burst in a more intense fight, because it is one’s instinctive reaction. Because of one’s instinctive reaction to troubles, his fight will lead to a very different result. No matter what, there will be an outcome, and this outcome will only be good for our Whistleblower Movement, you know.

My fellow fighters, one more thing, now you have seen the G-TV. Yesterday a certain institution wanted to invest in G-TV and had two discussions with G-TV yesterday. I can tell you, my fellow fighters, the result of the discussions. I told them: “I don’t have time to waste with you guys. I am so busy everyday and don’t even have enough time to eat or sleep. Just give me a decent price.” Actually I thought the price in my heart was already pretty high. But, in the end he offered a price by saying: “Sorry, Miles, please don’t be mad at me. Hope we can stay cool even if we can’t reach a deal in the business. So I’ll pay this price…” After he gave the price, I said: “Oh, your price is really not satisfactory.” But in fact I was quite happy secretly, because his price exceeded the price that I expected. I said we will think about it and I will find the real boss and investment institutions to discuss with them. Indeed, I have no right to make any decision.

But after the price came out, it woke me up greatly – that is, we don’t even know how much credit and influence we have accumulated in the past few years during the Whistleblower Movement and with our faith in truth, or the value of G-TV, including H-Dollar, H-Coin, and our G-Clubs, or the collective power of all of these things together.

So they have realized: The CCP is over! They knew that all the enterprises of the CCP’s will finish now. All the big enterprises are escaping. So where will these people’s money go? The best place for the money got out of China to go is a future China, the concept of New China, that is, G-TV, G-Clubs, G-Fashion, H-Coin, H-Dollar in the post NFSC era. I then realized that the great moment has already come, just we are not ready yet!

But my fellow fighters, these are not important. Watching the virus spreading, the CCP’s economy collapsing and the strategies of “taking down the CCP with the truth about the virus”, and “taking down the CCP with money” being in full swing, I realized: it is still not yet the best moment.

I will stop recording for today, and will record again when I have time. Thanks!

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